The Architect of Ruins

Berion Defeated

The Southern Avatars reach The Fortress of Tears where Berion and enslaved the Primordial Hurricane. He reveals that the storm keeps at bay a horde of Astral Dreadnoughts, who would otherwise devour Sola. They kill him as was destined and find themselves unwilling to lift the storm that enslaves the people of Sola, at least until they go off into the Astral Sea to fight back the Astral Dreadnoughts hungry to devour the world.

Heading Toward The Light

I’m super busy right now. Somebody’s character gets a power-up for an amusing update of the last session. Feel free to embellish.

The power-up comes from your Mark of Sola: Your character temporarily gains an additional racial power (e.g., elven accuracy) chosen from one of the other thirteen races in the avatar cycle.
After quite a bit of discussion we decided on an all out assault on the Eladrin ships. The king declared that he was coming with us. Against our (or at least my) better judgement we brought him along.

So we launched our assault with a force of Elves and Humans on drakes accompanying us. We leapt from our drakes and landed on the deck of the Flagship. The Light was waiting for us, though he fled when we took out his minions. After that battle we took out a few more Eladrin who were manning the guns that one of our task forces wasn’t able to take. As we were moving towards another set of guns we encountered the Light again. As soon as I get through his friends and get next to him, I have a little present for him……..

Axe head

So Good at Sneaking

The avatars decide they need to know more about The Temple of the World Serpent before stepping through the portal. For one, their presence in Ursa Major is critical to troop morale. They enlisted four scholars to help them find information about the temple and its whereabouts.


As they rolled through the debris filled air the two dozen goliath that were rappelling down the mountain met briefly with the avatars, who sent them off to help the villages defend the other half of Shoretown from the giants. Then the avatars rushed forward, shredding through a platoon of dwarven miners and engineers only to rush head-first into a war equipped industrial automaton. The dwarven crew on the war machine quickly repaired the malfunctions caused by the avatar’s attacks and the massive hammer proved too strong. The avatars retreated. Macarius would have been the only survivor if Reuse hadn’t snapped out of his state of breathing dirt. The resilience of the goliath keeping hope for the free world alive.

Aboard the Laughing Dragon, the avatars looked toward their newly acquired BFG. Unfortunately, the BFG was mounted for air-to-air fire. The BFG was at the bottom of a deep and narrow chasm. To point the BFG at the ground to take out the war machines, they would need to push the Laughing Dragon into doing something it wasn’t designed to do, which is to bank in the air at an 80 degree angle. Riordan basically said it was a coin-flip as to whether the ship would break apart or not.

Macarius flew like a madman throughout the ship. First he’s in the blizzard elemental’s storm-chamber down in the engine room coaxing it into a roid-rage. He them runs onto the bridge, whipping Kelvin and his eladrin crew the the greatest of drill sergeants, eradicating the possibility of failure of the men and women. Then as the ship shuddered and shook, bolts popping, metal groaning under the pressure, Macarius flies down to where Riordan and Reuse worked like demons to hold the main structural support of the ship together, calling on the spirit of MacGuyver (Lord of All named Mac*) to hold the ship long enough to fire the BFG and obliterate the war machine at the bottom of the chasm.


I kind of liked how the narrative combat with the dwarven engineers played out. Some parts were clunky, but better than I thought it would be for a 1st time go with it.

Minor Quest: Stop the Mining Unit (Completed) +1XT

It wasn’t a pretty victory, but the job got done. This brings your current total to 9XT.

Advance on the Mining Brigade

The avatars decide to first deal with the mining brigade instead of helping the villagers of the shore town stop the rampaging giants from taking over their village. Eladrin arcanists conjured a sand storm to slow the avatars down and provide cover for their assassins who had the northern avatars on the brink of defeat.


While I love 4e tactical combat and how interesting it can be, it has only one speed, slow and methodical. The first fight in the sandstorm, I think definitely should be the standard 4e tactical fight. The second one, I think could have benefited from a different fight speed. For pacing, it should have been quick and it wasn’t, especially since you’d seen the bad luck trio already.

I’m going to try implementing a second combat speed (still figuring out the details of the resolution mechanic, but have a pretty good idea). Otherwise, the Siege of Urza Major will take forever. Usually this type of combat involves you describing what you’re doing to gain an advantage in the fight and what the intended effect of this action would be. It’s less focused on squares, powers, and hit points.

Coalition Formed

Build Coalition, completed (+4XT)

That was a fun way to finish the quest to build a coalition. I should make lists of inn names and stuff like that to use when improvising, since there was some minor confusion without them. You never did go after Quarion, but it worked out anyway finding things out the way you did. Anyway, none of that find the assassins stuff was intended. When Avier decided to check up on something Lady Carana said in passing, I just felt like making that one streetwise check more interesting. On the other hand it gave you more of an idea about what was going on with the assassins.

Splitting the party is sometimes a good thing when you’ve got a reason to do it. The mantra should be more, don’t wander off for no good reason, but it doesn’t sound as good as never split the party. Anyway, Abel and Xan splintering off got you for-sure that Flaeorn Marnon was who wanted to off you guys and that he wanted Laeru Spiremrul killed instead, though you never found out why. Given Flaeorn’s personality, when caught, he’d probably enjoy the game is up mode – he’d still be confident that you’d need him regardless. The important thing was preventing the old curmudgeon from being whacked. It kept Flaeorn in check during the Assembly of Summer Court Lords, which is what you really need the old curmudgeon for. All-in-all you guys did pretty good. When we get back to the southern avatars, I’m imagining you and Dancing Pete are advance demolitions in winterkin lands.

Mike C, good job with Abel injecting the character’s opinion into things when he saw it conflicted with his view. A little bit here and there goes a long way to make things enjoyable for me.


You guys have 6XT.

One thing I was toying with, because I do want these things more collaborative, is to sometimes let you make up a detail when you get a kick-ass check.

I kind of rushed into the shoreline battle. You’ll get a better picture as to what’s going on next time.

Dancing Pete

Dancing pete

As the avatars exit what is now King Ognar’s castle in the fomorian caves of Harrowhame, Abel strides over to the Cyclops slavers and buys the two dozen slaves that they have. After they exit the caves, he tells them that they are free, but might want to stick around until they’ve reached more civilized land.

Among the mostly gnomish slaves is Dancing Pete. Pete had spent some time as a lab assistant for the winterkin eladrin, so he knows his way around a couple of the facilities including the Tower at Kylma and the Isalia Facility. They parted ways with the other slaves, but kept Dancing Pete, even though he was free to go.

Upon returning to Sennaliesse, they check in with Laeru Spiremrul (the curmudgeon from Catalaeya), Lady Carana, and Flaeorn Marnon (the flamboyant eladran with tons of cash). Spiremrul kept to his end of the deal and pledges his foot soldiers. Lady Carana is pleased with the process, but concerned with the time left, so presses them to start the formal process of entering an agreement with the Summer Court. Flaeorn finally names a real price for his support, being the first in line to claim the spoils of victory, namely the choice of lands with the best mineral deposits. After being promised first choice, he promises huge sums of money to fund the war effort.

Afterward, they head to Celshil lands to deal with the far realm being that has taken over the palace. In dealing with the far realm menace, the avatars have support from the Celshil wizards.


You have 1XT and both parties are 18th level. Have both sets of characters ready to go. The northern avatars found the following at Edmund Dantes mansion: Ring of Wizardry, Belt of Mountain Endurance and 60,000gp.

New Fate Powers

The northern avatars may replace their current fate power with one of the corresponding color below:

Red (Reuse)

The Fire of Destiny
Red Fate Power
Your devastating attack burns all who stand against you in a wave of fire, clearing the path of destiny.
At-WillWeapon, Implement, Fire
Free ActionClose Blast 3 (close or melee) or Area Burst 1 (ranged)
Trigger: You make an attack and roll a natural 20 against the target.
Effect: Each enemy in the blast or burst takes 20 fire damage. The target of the triggering attack must be in the burst or blast.
Special: This power can be used once per round.

Blue (Macarius, Mesa, Rhaan)

Emerge Victorious
Blue Fate Power
Undaunted, the avatars march forward claiming victory in the face of ridiculous odds.
Free ActionPersonal
Effect: Take a standard action.
Special: This power can be used on your turn, an ally's turn or at the end of an enemy's turn.

Mike, the Fate Powers correspond to the characters view on destiny. Those who believe in some form of pre-ordained fate/destiny, that only those who are destined or gifted can walk the hero’s path have a red fate aura. Those who believe that they choose their own destiny and nothing is pre-ordained have a blue fate aura. Choose a color aura for flavor reasons or for whichever power you like better.

An Artifact a Day

Quelling the Fomorian Menace (+2 XP)

Disguised as werewolves the southern avatars sneak around Harrowhame until they stumble upon a fomorian who was fond of surface leaf. Turns out Ognor saw this as a chance to stab King Bronnor in the back, so he walks the party through the tower deathtraps without incident. (+1 XP)

King Bronnor as crazy fomorians go had odd tastes in music, decor, and live entertainment. They dance, Bronnor dies, the mercurial Ognor offers them the necklace to just get out of Harrowhame and everyone lives happy with getting what they want…except for the slaves who were left behind. Poor guys.


You have the pieces you need to assemble a coalition to fight the winter court. Remember it’s going to take time to mobilize those forces and you’ve got 13 days left. I’d like to start nudging you guys toward the ultimate confrontation part of the campaign.

You currently have 7 XP.

Beating Edmund Dantes

The avatars from the north trudged through the blizzard toward the city of Urza Major. They learned of the plan of their southern counterparts to seek allies in the feywild. The eladrin battleships would soon float to Urza Major. The keep at Redcliff had been overtaken and if the airships traveled with the ground forces, the siege of Urza Major would begin within the week.


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