The Architect of Ruins

An Artifact a Day


Quelling the Fomorian Menace (+2 XP)

Disguised as werewolves the southern avatars sneak around Harrowhame until they stumble upon a fomorian who was fond of surface leaf. Turns out Ognor saw this as a chance to stab King Bronnor in the back, so he walks the party through the tower deathtraps without incident. (+1 XP)

King Bronnor as crazy fomorians go had odd tastes in music, decor, and live entertainment. They dance, Bronnor dies, the mercurial Ognor offers them the necklace to just get out of Harrowhame and everyone lives happy with getting what they want…except for the slaves who were left behind. Poor guys.


You have the pieces you need to assemble a coalition to fight the winter court. Remember it’s going to take time to mobilize those forces and you’ve got 13 days left. I’d like to start nudging you guys toward the ultimate confrontation part of the campaign.

You currently have 7 XP.



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