The Architect of Ruins

Assualt Continues

Session 14


Agust 11, 1066: The party stood in the middle of an underground city street that was covered with rubble from the decaying buildings. A creature kept screeching nearby, the apparent lord of this area, sending its minions to defeat the party.

A fat little earth spirit offered to give them a place to rest. He mentions the party looks a little battered and could use a place to recollect their stregnth if they would just feed him some gems. The party decided to press their luck and see if they could hold out long enough to catch their breath.

After fending off a party of Wights and Zombies, they tried to hide out in an old building. Unfortunately, the buildings are not tightly sealed and with three light sources active, it provided a homing beacon for a pair of Ghouls and Blazing Skeletons to beat down the door. They were forced to find another place to rest after dealing with the last wave of attacks, but the phantom lord of the area continued to summon minions and a quartet of woodland spirits beat through the doors of their well lit hut.

This last wave nearly saw Kaltes fall and with no sign of rest happening soon, they fed the earth spirit 400gp in gems and he opened up a hole in the ground and lead them through a series of tunnels, likely the former sewers of this fallen city and showed them a secure place to rest.

Experience: 5,725xp + 550xp = 6,275xp

DM Notes: After taking a look at Consecrated Ground, it is obvious that some wires were crossed during the write ups of the rules. Until there's official errata to fix it, I'll add the following "Once created the zone range is 1." I think that actually allows you to move it 3 squares and you basically have to remain in or adjacent to the zone.

You are free to swap back to this power next session.




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