The Architect of Ruins

Beating Edmund Dantes


The avatars from the north trudged through the blizzard toward the city of Urza Major. They learned of the plan of their southern counterparts to seek allies in the feywild. The eladrin battleships would soon float to Urza Major. The keep at Redcliff had been overtaken and if the airships traveled with the ground forces, the siege of Urza Major would begin within the week.

The norther avatars decided to return to Cydonia and The Laughing Dragon, which was now armor plated, but lacking in any firepower. The offensive on Urza Major would mean that much of the forces stationed at Blackbury would be gone, a perfect opportunity for Riordan to return to his hangar near Tower Dock 4 and slap together a cannon for The Laughing Dragon. He would need three days to build the cannon in his hangar and then the airship would need to pick him and the cannon up. There is currently an eladrin battleship on Tower Dock 1, being retooled to fly in the mortal world.

With three days, the party decides to finally settle the score with Edmund Dantes, the shifter who believes the avatars are a destructive instrument, rather than one that will save Sola. When they defeat Edmund and his soul trapping mannequins, they discover that Edmund Dantes is actually Chabba the maimed temple caretaker and the Edmund persona a mask that gave him the means to that were not open to a maimed and disfigured person such as Chabba.

Chabba lays before you, laboring to breathe, the Edmund persona broken:

“The Authority has exerted his will and my quest to save Sola has failed. Hua’janaisiba waits beneath Ghodanhar where you saw him. I can seal the serpent away no longer, head swallows tail, the storm will end, and and and yes, everything will bathe in the sun. I can’t wait to see the new butterflies…”

His mind is blown (you can probably ask a question or two before he goes totally incoherent).

Mesa asks: “What were you doing with the first generation avatars at Montserrat?”

“Even dead they’re more powerful than you. Fortunately for the world, the dwarf couldn’t resist his own nature and betrayed them for riches. I was going to trap their essence within my mannequins, to better hunt you down with, but I tried doing too much at once…”

Macarius asks: “Who are you working with among the eladrin?”

“No one. I despise the eladrin. Look at what they’ve done to me. However, the eladrin are useful idiots! They’ve done a lot to save the world. This storm keeps us alive.”


That was a quick trip with the Northern Party for now. This week back to the Southern Avatars deep in the Fomorian caverns of Harrowhame.


ok what questions to ask: Why do you think we would destroy sola?

Beating Edmund Dantes

I think Hua’janaisiba might be able to answer that one since Dantes found out from him. I want to know what he was doing with the old generation of Avatars. Also I’m at least a bit curious about how the hell he corrupted the forest like that, but I don’t think we’re going to get to ask him about that.

Beating Edmund Dantes

Knowing who his contact was in the Winterkin might prove useful. That is if he had one and if he did, when and where is he expected to meet with them again? Are there passwords that he uses to identify himself to them?

Even if he does have contacts, I’m not really sure how useful they would be, unless we could use them to pass missinformation.

Beating Edmund Dantes

Post is updated with Edmund’s answers.

Beating Edmund Dantes

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