The Architect of Ruins

Black Forest Ruins Crawl

Game Session 2

Juli 21, 1066 

>>Insert Arjun, Dragonborn Paladin into the party

After the Goblin ambush, the party found a shaft that dropped straight down for about 60-70 feet.  From the top of the shaft they could hear some clicking sounds coming from somewhere down below.  They left the shaft alone after tossing some rocks down.

They took the stairway down to find another Goblin ambush.  Their advance into the room triggered a crossbow turret to drop from the ceiling and pepper with bolts.  After dealing with this ambush they went to inspect the rooms in the area to encounter a pair of Goblins hiding by the door.  In this room they found a Staff of Fiery Might +1.  

Kill some beetles go back out in the woods to rest in the secure area where Nigel was waiting for them.  An angry cave bear was in the way.  Flame broiled bear steak was for dinner.

Juli 22, 1066 

In the morning they continue down to the third floor, which is a large rubble strewn room.  There are two sets of doorways on the wall furthest away from the shafts, but they are buried behind hills of mud.  As they spread out across the room, a trio of Chokers had some fun before dying, but not before Oriphin KO'd Arjun with assistance from his newly acquired Staff of Fiery Might +1 (crits…gotta love them).  In the rubble a +1 Viscious Longsword was found.

Rules Correction:  Forced movement ignores difficult terrain.  I incorrectly thought that difficult terrain was factored into forced movement such as from Tide of Iron.

Experience:  +435 XP + 40 XP (temporary) = 475 XP

Arjun: 475

Kaltes: 1,000

Lunnen: 1,000

Oriphin: 1,000

Salen: 1,000 



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