The Architect of Ruins

Dancing Pete


Dancing pete

As the avatars exit what is now King Ognar’s castle in the fomorian caves of Harrowhame, Abel strides over to the Cyclops slavers and buys the two dozen slaves that they have. After they exit the caves, he tells them that they are free, but might want to stick around until they’ve reached more civilized land.

Among the mostly gnomish slaves is Dancing Pete. Pete had spent some time as a lab assistant for the winterkin eladrin, so he knows his way around a couple of the facilities including the Tower at Kylma and the Isalia Facility. They parted ways with the other slaves, but kept Dancing Pete, even though he was free to go.

Upon returning to Sennaliesse, they check in with Laeru Spiremrul (the curmudgeon from Catalaeya), Lady Carana, and Flaeorn Marnon (the flamboyant eladran with tons of cash). Spiremrul kept to his end of the deal and pledges his foot soldiers. Lady Carana is pleased with the process, but concerned with the time left, so presses them to start the formal process of entering an agreement with the Summer Court. Flaeorn finally names a real price for his support, being the first in line to claim the spoils of victory, namely the choice of lands with the best mineral deposits. After being promised first choice, he promises huge sums of money to fund the war effort.

Afterward, they head to Celshil lands to deal with the far realm being that has taken over the palace. In dealing with the far realm menace, the avatars have support from the Celshil wizards.


You have 1XT and both parties are 18th level. Have both sets of characters ready to go. The northern avatars found the following at Edmund Dantes mansion: Ring of Wizardry, Belt of Mountain Endurance and 60,000gp.


So, does Mac get the ring?

Dancing Pete

I would say yes

Dancing Pete

Reuse would get the belt (85k) obviously. Mac gets the ring (225k). The 60k should split 50/50 between Rhaan and Mesa

Dancing Pete

Fine by me.

Dancing Pete

Does anyone have a use for a Belt of Vigor (+2 bonus to your surge value)?

Dancing Pete

rhaan doesn’t have a belt

Dancing Pete

Then Rhaan now has a Belt of Vigor

Dancing Pete

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