The Architect of Ruins

Eye for an Eye

Game Session 8

Juli 25, 1066 – The party left the catacombs and traveled nearly an hour through the Black Forest to return to Rasmark. They had an unconcsious Goblin in tow, likely the warlord's second in command. A few minutes before they emerged from the woods, they picked up on the scent of a nearby fire. When they reached the forest edge, they saw the source of the burning. The Goblins had set fire to the homes of the three farms in the area. About a hundred feet away, the Goblinoids had lined up some farmers and forced them to kneel down.

The heroes deliberated while the farmers knelt inside a circle of Goblins. During the discussion of what to do, one of the Bugbears crushed a farmer's skull with a heavy flail causing blood to splatter on the survivors. The Bugbear moved down the line to the next farmer and Orophin blasted the Bugbear.

The party drew the Bugbears into the woods, but this left the Goblins free to kill the farmers if necessary. Once the Bugbears fell, the Hobgoblin archers pulled back and ordered the Goblins to kill the farmers.  The party, a hundred feet away in the woods could not reach the Goblins in time to prevent the slayings.

In the aftermath, Salen was able to heal one of the farmers, but the rest died. They found a small leather bag that had a dozen eyeballs in it and saw that one of the farmer's corpses had an eye removed. 

They returned to town in the evening and spoke with Copenhagen.


Juli 26, 1066 – By this morning, the party has learned that the warlord has promised to slaughter two for every one of his men that has been killed. Some of the people who live in town are afraid and call for a stop to the attacks on the warlord.  From speaking with Copenhagen, they also learn that more than half of the warlord's forces have been slain.

They return to the Deranged Hermit with a gift of meatloaf, which is much appreciated. During their conversation he tells them the squirrels see undead wandering the forest.  Some go into the catacombs the goblins are using, but that doesn't seem to be the source of where they are coming from.

When the PCs return to the Goblin's lair, they surrounded the clearing and hid. They let platoon of Goblinoids enter the catacombs and quickly took care of a trio of Hobgoblins who remained in the clearing.  After waiting a few minutes outside the catacombs they entered. They heard someone whistling in the woods while they were waiting, but did not encounter the source, who was whistling a familiar tune.

Inside they stormed the barracks and found a Potion of Healing and 25gp. The number of Goblinoids in the room is too small to have been the group they saw enter, if some even were the same ones.

DM's Note: During the farmer execution encounter, Tony had the right idea. Your actions influence your reputation, which in turn affects how people interact with the party. 

Experience: + 371 XP

  • Arjun: 1,644XP
  • Federin: 2,395XP
  • Kaltes, Lunnin, Orophin, and Salen: 3,322XP

For Next Time: It is slightly past noon and you are in hostile territory. You have +1 Action Point (you either have 1 or 2). 





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