The Architect of Ruins

Heading Toward The Light

I’m super busy right now. Somebody’s character gets a power-up for an amusing update of the last session. Feel free to embellish.

The power-up comes from your Mark of Sola: Your character temporarily gains an additional racial power (e.g., elven accuracy) chosen from one of the other thirteen races in the avatar cycle.
After quite a bit of discussion we decided on an all out assault on the Eladrin ships. The king declared that he was coming with us. Against our (or at least my) better judgement we brought him along.

So we launched our assault with a force of Elves and Humans on drakes accompanying us. We leapt from our drakes and landed on the deck of the Flagship. The Light was waiting for us, though he fled when we took out his minions. After that battle we took out a few more Eladrin who were manning the guns that one of our task forces wasn’t able to take. As we were moving towards another set of guns we encountered the Light again. As soon as I get through his friends and get next to him, I have a little present for him……..

Axe head


A picture is worth a thousand words. :)

The Mark of Sola begins to burn on your skin. Pick one of the other racial powers of the avatar races and you’ve got it for the next three milestones. There’s a few that would be awesome for you, but knowing that The Light has an at-will restraining attack…

Heading Toward The Light

Yeah, I can think of a couple of good ones, the eladrin fey step would be good to deal with the restraining power. On the other hand, the dwarven second wind as a minor would be awesome for Reuse.

Heading Toward The Light

Dwarven Resilience is no-brainer for a Warden. Your reach partially mitigates the restraining.

Heading Toward The Light

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