The Architect of Ruins

New Fate Powers

The northern avatars may replace their current fate power with one of the corresponding color below:

Red (Reuse)

The Fire of Destiny
Red Fate Power
Your devastating attack burns all who stand against you in a wave of fire, clearing the path of destiny.
At-WillWeapon, Implement, Fire
Free ActionClose Blast 3 (close or melee) or Area Burst 1 (ranged)
Trigger: You make an attack and roll a natural 20 against the target.
Effect: Each enemy in the blast or burst takes 20 fire damage. The target of the triggering attack must be in the burst or blast.
Special: This power can be used once per round.

Blue (Macarius, Mesa, Rhaan)

Emerge Victorious
Blue Fate Power
Undaunted, the avatars march forward claiming victory in the face of ridiculous odds.
Free ActionPersonal
Effect: Take a standard action.
Special: This power can be used on your turn, an ally's turn or at the end of an enemy's turn.

Mike, the Fate Powers correspond to the characters view on destiny. Those who believe in some form of pre-ordained fate/destiny, that only those who are destined or gifted can walk the hero’s path have a red fate aura. Those who believe that they choose their own destiny and nothing is pre-ordained have a blue fate aura. Choose a color aura for flavor reasons or for whichever power you like better.


Emerge Victorious can be used outside of your turn?!?!

New Fate Powers

Yes, but I didn’t mean for it to be used as an equivalent of an immediate reaction or interrupt, so clarified you can use it on your turn or after another combatant’s turn has ended. This also means you can use it before your initiative, which I’m aware of and intended. These are meant to be victory lap powers, so they’re intentionally OP for paragon level characters.

New Fate Powers

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