The Architect of Ruins

Oozing with Delight

Game Session 6

Juli 24, 1066: On the way back to Rasmark, the party notes few people traveling, most likely to the Goblin activity.  When they got back to town, Lunnin and Arjun tended to their crusty gear, Salen took care of the Raven Queen Shrine at the edge of Rasmark, Oriphin read for a bit, and Federin talked to other patrols about what was going on.  It seems the Goblin activity has lightened up, due in no small part to the PC's killing a whole bunch of Goblins over the past few days.  One patrol said they saw some Skeletons skulking around the edge of the Black Forest at night.  He observed that they seemed unable, as if restrained, from going further than the forest edge.

At the Bough, the party had a drink, saw Copenhagen at the bar, but did not report or do anything else that night. 

Juli 25, 1066: A few minutes before returning to the catacombs, the party saw some Goblins in the woods hurry back toward their base.  When the PCs arrived, there were no Goblins to be seen.

Plunging deeper into the Goblin base, they found a large oddly shaped room the Goblins apparently did not use.  On the long wall was a painting depicting a massive battle between Eladrin and Tiefling armies.  Kaltes (iirc) thinks it has something to do with the War of the Dragon King, a war that happened several thousand years ago, which was something he only read in passing during his studies.  While examining the painting, a blueish ooze poured out from the walls and the bones on the floor animated.  After the battle, they party found two gems (100 gp each).

They took the doorway to the west which led to a crypt room, likely used to bury loyal servants, henchmen, etc.  The bodies were gaurded by some suspicious looking statues, which eventually came to life, did a river dance on Lunnin's head, and then fell apart after the party lay down some hurt.  It seems two of the servants were buried with some prized items, an Elven Cloak +2 and an Ironskin Belt.

Experience: +318XP

  • Arjun and Federin: 1,644XP
  • Kaltes, Lunnin, Oriphin, and Salen: 2,569XP

Update your character pages and attach your item wishlists.  Put one or two items per slot. 

Off Labor Day Weekend, see you on September 7.




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