The Architect of Ruins

So Good at Sneaking


The avatars decide they need to know more about The Temple of the World Serpent before stepping through the portal. For one, their presence in Ursa Major is critical to troop morale. They enlisted four scholars to help them find information about the temple and its whereabouts.

The Light has his forces hovering a half mile outside the city walls. Via arcane means, his voice was amplified. He invited the civilians of Ursa Major to wait out the siege in a camp. They would be fed and protected. The empire has no interest in harming civilians. Their quarrel is with their King and the fugitives he harbors. If not for King Cailen’s stubbornness and juvenile ideals the lives of his people would not have been disrupted. Many civilians boarded up their homes and started to leave the city; however, the halfling avatar, Griselda, spread a counter message on the street. This keeps the civilians in the city and in harms way, but it significantly reduces the number of soldiers who would have deserted to join their families.

Reuse sent half of the goliath warriors out in the field for some reconnaissance. When they returned, they reported the ground forces were not gearing up and were unlikely to advance until the airships had worn the city defenses down. He then sent them on a mission to knock out any supply units headed toward the infantry.

The formation of the imperial battleships left one ship isolated west of the city. The avatars used the cover of night and blocked any attempts to scry them to safely infiltrate the isolated battleship. Much of the crew was drunk, parting on the eve of a war. Riordan had given them enough information to navigate through the ship and anything mechanical that might trip them up.

They managed to get to the officer’s quarters before the trail of bodies they left drew attention. Time is critical at this juncture. As they dispatched with the patrol, they realized they needed to immediately attack the bridge or else be swarmed and lose the opportunity to disable at least one of the battleships before the start of the siege.


As soon as the battle on the bridge is over you’ll be level 19, so be prepared with a new sheet or already know what L19 power and any retraining you might want to do.



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