The Architect of Ruins

Take You to My Leader

Game Session 7

Juli 25, 1066: After a short rest in the crypt with the animated statues, the party had two ways out of the room that they hadn't explored, an opening and a doorway. Lunnin listened at the doorway and heard a voice calling out for help. Having remembered that some of the farmers had been abducted the party opened the door and headed down into the dark room which had two cells. 

In the cells were two Human children and a Halfling girl just a few years younger than Lunnin.  Her name is Wella.  Federin helped her pick the lock to her cell.  She told them that she heard the Goblins moving around within the past half hour, which was just a few minutes before the party would have entered the catacombs.  She also warned that there may be some sort of nasty creature, as she thinks the farmers are being used as food.  Arjun decided to escort the three back to the village.

After scouting the other way out of the crypt, the party decided to try another way instead of dealing with what lay ahead. From where they observed, the way ahead was covered with webs.

They went around, crossed the pit with the disarmed traps and took care of a Bugbear, some Hobgoblins and their Guard Drakes who had claimed another burial chamber as their room.  After taking care of them, the party thought it best to head back to town.

Unfortunately, the Goblins sought to confront them on the way out.  It seems as if this warlord sent his second in command to invite them or kill them.  The Goblins chose death.

Experience: + 382 XP

  • Arjun: 1,644XP
  • Federin: 2,026XP
  • Kaltes, Lunnin, Oriphin, and Salen: 2,951XP




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