The Architect of Ruins



As they rolled through the debris filled air the two dozen goliath that were rappelling down the mountain met briefly with the avatars, who sent them off to help the villages defend the other half of Shoretown from the giants. Then the avatars rushed forward, shredding through a platoon of dwarven miners and engineers only to rush head-first into a war equipped industrial automaton. The dwarven crew on the war machine quickly repaired the malfunctions caused by the avatar’s attacks and the massive hammer proved too strong. The avatars retreated. Macarius would have been the only survivor if Reuse hadn’t snapped out of his state of breathing dirt. The resilience of the goliath keeping hope for the free world alive.

Aboard the Laughing Dragon, the avatars looked toward their newly acquired BFG. Unfortunately, the BFG was mounted for air-to-air fire. The BFG was at the bottom of a deep and narrow chasm. To point the BFG at the ground to take out the war machines, they would need to push the Laughing Dragon into doing something it wasn’t designed to do, which is to bank in the air at an 80 degree angle. Riordan basically said it was a coin-flip as to whether the ship would break apart or not.

Macarius flew like a madman throughout the ship. First he’s in the blizzard elemental’s storm-chamber down in the engine room coaxing it into a roid-rage. He them runs onto the bridge, whipping Kelvin and his eladrin crew the the greatest of drill sergeants, eradicating the possibility of failure of the men and women. Then as the ship shuddered and shook, bolts popping, metal groaning under the pressure, Macarius flies down to where Riordan and Reuse worked like demons to hold the main structural support of the ship together, calling on the spirit of MacGuyver (Lord of All named Mac*) to hold the ship long enough to fire the BFG and obliterate the war machine at the bottom of the chasm.


I kind of liked how the narrative combat with the dwarven engineers played out. Some parts were clunky, but better than I thought it would be for a 1st time go with it.

Minor Quest: Stop the Mining Unit (Completed) +1XT

It wasn’t a pretty victory, but the job got done. This brings your current total to 9XT.


I think part of the problem with the war machine was that we had just blown most of our encounter powers at the (non-) combat with the dwarves, and had already blown at least some of our dailies with the previous encounters of the day. We just were not ready for a level +5 battle with only at-wills and a couple dailies available.


With a rush right in approach, definitely not ready for that battle at all.


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