Immeral Lavondyss

The reclusive Third Pillar of Rasmark.


Immeral Lavondyss is a middle aged Eladrin male and one of the Three Pillars of Rasmark. He rarely ventures outside of his large home located in the center of Rasmark. The people of Rasmark believe he is the wisest of all the people in town and respect him, even if few have spoken to him. While he rarely ventures out, his door is always open to all who wish to pay him or his library a visit.

Immeral has spent almost his entire life outside of the Feywild. He tells people he has no memory of it. 

He has a clean appearance and wears practical clothing that's closer to what Humans wear than the stylings and patterns that Eladrin typically wear. While he appears to be in good health, it is clear that Immeral is nearing the end of his days.

Immeral Lavondyss

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