how can one describe what can't be seen


 Str 15 Con 11 Dex 22 Int 11 Wis 11 Cha 17 HP: 65 Bloodied: 32 Surge Value: 16 Surges per day:9

AC: 27 Fort: 21 Ref: 25 Will: 23

Class: Assassin Paragon Path: Soul Thief

Class Features:Assassin's shroud, Night Stalker, shade form, shadow step, soul thief, soul thief's action, soul killer

Background: (+2 stealth)

Skills: Acrobatics 17 Arcana 8 Athletics 13 bluff 14 diplomacy 6 Dungeoneering 8 endurance 9 heal 8 history 8 insight 8 intimidate 6 nature 8 perception 11 religion 6 stealth 22 streetwise 6 thievery 17

Feats: Focused Expertise (greatspear),eladrin soldier, hidden insight, Power Attack, assassin's escape, melee training (dex),  minion of the dark, killer in the crowd


At-wills: Executioner's noose, shadow storm, shadow step assassin's shroud

Encounter: fey step, shade form, Gloom thief, inescapable shadow, shadow jack , soul shadow

Utility: cloak of shades, darting shadow, slayer's endurance, stalking phantom

Daily: targeted for death, twilight assassin, obscuring shadow, 

Magic Items: subtle greatspear +3, Shadowflow drowmesh +3, iron armbands of power, boots of free movement, shadowdancer's gloves (paragon teir), cloak of translocation +2, goggles of aura sight



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