Nigel Hawthorne

Man in black who hired the party to clear a ruin site in The Black Forest


Nigel is a human male.  He dresses all in black, wears wire rimmed glasses, and sports a moustache.  Nigel is built like a man who spends most of his days couped up in a library for days, often forgetting things like eating.

Nigel Hawthorne arrived in Rasmark because there was a ruin site he wanted to investigate and retreive an item from.  He hired the party to clear the ruins out for him so he could get the item for his research.  The item is a tube of blue liquid, but even he isn't sure exactly what it is.

It's obvious from what he has said that he has traveled to many places around Sola and is at least somewhat familiar with its history.

Nigel Hawthorne

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