Sophia Northbright


Mistress Sophia Northbright was a master sword maiden in her day.  She settled in Rasmark when she retired from adventuring.  Sophia is not a native to the land.  Her refined mannerisms give off the impression that she spent a lot of time with nobles. 

She learned how to hammer metal from Copenhagen.  When she arrived in Rasmark, Copenhagen was the only smith in town and could not keep up with the demand.  The other smiths in town had died without family or apprentices.  Sophia decided to take this up herself as she saw the town was in need and if nothing was done eventually the patrols would be ill equipped to deal with threats in the future.  After just two years apprenticeship she started her own forge, Unlimited Bladeworks.

Twenty years later, Sophia is a blade master in her own right.  She has one apprentice, Claes, a girl who was orphaned about ten years ago when bandits raided her family farm. 

Mistress Sophia is one of the three pillars, the community elders, of Rasmark. 

Sophia Northbright

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