Dragonborn Defender. Been intensely trained, but not a ton of real world experience.

Abel Storm – Character Background
“I must be half-dwarf!” exclaimed dragonborn Abel as he shook his head at his stubby legs while rising to his full height of 5’11”.  He didn’t know much about his father, but he knew that wasn’t true.  Only the dragonborn were allowed in Hoar Frost Castle. Abel had seen a lot of them come and go, both agents of the Argentum Alliance and those who wanted to become agents.  A lot of them vanished with a wave of Sephitherax’s claw, frustration and disappointment evident on their faces.  
“They work so hard to get here and I have never been anywhere else”, thought Abel.  “My father was one of Sephitherax’s few mistakes.  He wasn’t evil or cowardly, just a bit too randy and without the honor to keep it in check.  He had a dalliance with one of the cooks; she dropped a clutch of eggs but by that time he was gone, never to return.” Sephitherax had banished the offender, but truth be told, he wasn’t too displeased about the eggs.  He didn’t keep very many staff at the castle and he preferred them to have been raised there rather than brought from the outside.  
“It is really strange how things work out.  I was a runt, but here I am going off to war while my brother tends the grounds and my sister works in the kitchen.” Sephitherax had been subtle.  He had not let on about the importance of the mark on Abel’s shoulder.  He had joked about giving him a matching one on the left shoulder; Abel now knew it was the Dragonmark of Scribing.  Abel’s tutor had appeared in a matter-of-fact way and began his studies.  The swordmaster had beckoned Abel over when he was longingly watching the warriors practice, making it seem like he was taking pity on the boy rather than beginning an intentional training regimen.  
What started as a welcome relief from boredom quickly became work that was hard beyond imagining.  None of the instructors had ever worked with anyone as young and inexperienced as Abel.  Still, he learned and learned well.  His muscles developed and his mind grew sharp.  He remained short of stature, but as the swordmaster said, “Use the best weapon you have and use it well.”   
Meanwhile Abel devoured book after book in the castle library.  History, novels, treatises on religion—he enjoyed them all and found them a welcome break from the repetition of his physical training.  Through books he imagined himself in the lost empire of Arkhosia, fighting against monstrous enemies and rescuing princesses with oh-so-smooth scales.  As he matured, he was encouraged to study etiquette and courtesy so that he would know how to act correctly.  
Finally in his 23rd year, Sephitherax summoned Abel and explained his avatar’s birthmark.  He said: “I believe that your unusual birth here is a sign to me that it is time for the  Argentum Alliance to take measures to end to storm that has plagued this world for so long.  I have trained you in the fighting arts and given you other skills you will need to help unite the enemies of those who use this storm to terrorize and isolate the rest of those who inhabit this land.  I appoint you as my ambassador in this matter.  The alliance does not have an army, but its agents are very skilled and far flung.  We will do what we can.”  
He then sent Abel off to Ursa Major to rendezvous with Rudi Scutti.  In the few weeks he was there, he spent a lot of time gawking at all the non-dragonborn and enjoying his first time in a big city.  But he also would go to the palace, present his credentials and seek a high level meeting to be briefed on the military situation.  He will also ask around to see if he can glean any clues as to how the country has remained free.  

APPEARANCE: Having lived his whole life at Hoar Frost Castle, Abel’s scales have a distinctive silvery gleam.  He wears armor made of the green scales of a hydra, and is outfitted with intricately decorated boots, gloves and cloak.  The white gold circlet and diamond bracers are probably over the top, but he mostly pulls it off.  Sensitive about his short stature, Abel is meticulous about his appearance.  

 Flavor Text from “Argentum Allicance” which inspired character background.

High atop the mountains in Hoar Frost Castle, the mighty Sephitherax trains an elite corps of dragonborn so that they can defend the innocent. Honorable and decent people respect the Argentum Alliance, and the unscrupulous and corrupt fear it. All flights of chromatic dragons dread the justice of the Alliance, but the white dragons especially seek the destruction of Hoar Frost Castle. Backed by the power of the ancient silver dragon Sephitherax, the Alliance can help people overthrow evil despots or theocrats. They are the first to respond to volcanic eruptions or floods to maintain order and defend people from those who might prey upon weakness. An Argentum Agent is a savior and a welcome sight to the impoverished.

Many a fierce dragonborn, inspired by the tales of the bravery of the Alliance, makes his or her way to the summit of the tallest mountain to Hoar Frost Castle, where each expects to be judged by Sephitherax. In the bailey yard of the castle, with thick ice encrusting the flags and silverwork, each dragonborn kneels before the hundred steps before the citadel.

The ancient silver questions each supplicant. When Sephitherax raises his left claw, the candidate is banished from Hoar Frost Castle immediately. When the wise old dragon raises his right claw, the supplicant might one day become an Argentum Agent, but that day is not today. He or she is given a hot meal and sent down the mountain with the expectation that he or she will perform worthy tasks before returning to the Castle one year hence to be judged again. If the candidate is worthy, Sephitherax pronounces him or her an Argentum Agent by raising both claws and embracing the dragonborn. Rarely is a dragonborn raised the first time he or she is presented to Sephitherax; many are judged two or three times before Sephitherax declares the supplicant an Argentum Agent.

Brothers train at Hoar Frost Castle, and they learn to harness the frigid winds from Sephitherax. The color of the scales of an Argentum Agent fade over time and are replaced with a metallic gleam. None are sure if this transformation is due to the icy conditions or the proximity and blessing of the Heart of Sephitherax, an amulet artifact bestowed to the ancient silver by Bahamut.


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