Svendil the Clanless Wanderer

slippery, hard-nosed, and resourceful battle captain

Class: Resourceful Warlord/Commando Captain   Align: Un   Age: 54   Ht.: 3'7"   Wt.: 79lbs.  Hair: Wild Reddish Brown w/ Goatee 
Eyes: Green    Deity:     Homeland: in the Feywild

STR: 19     AC: 30   Armor Type: Scale Mail of Translocation
DEX: 11     HP: 86     
CON: 14     Fort: 24   Ref: 23   Will: 24
INT: 18     Init. Mod: +10
WIS: 18     Lang: Gnome, Common
CHA: 10     Move: 5 spaces

At-Will: Commander's Strike, Direct the Strike
Encounter: Inspiring Word, Hammer Formation, Vengeance is Mine, Unified in Blood, Blindside Assault 
Daily: Lead by Example, Scent of Victory, Warlord's Recovery
Utility: Heroic Effort, Stand Tough, Strider's Stance, Commando's Maneuver

Javelin: +17 to hit, +15 to grab/1d6+8 dmg. 

Special Abilities: Low-light Vision, Fade Away, Master Trickster, Reactive Stealth, Trickster's Cunning

Feats: Scale Armor, Mark of Healing, Feyborn Shroud, Sneak of Shadows, Lend Might, Lend Str, Armored Warrengaurd, Combat Commander,

Skills: *Athletics +15, Intimidate +15, Endurance +13, History +15, Stealth +15
Background: Formorian Captive

Legacy Items: Grasping Javelin [16] +4, Translocating Scale Mail [14] +3, Cloak of
Walking Wounded [9] +2, Sash of Ensnarement

Magic and Mundane Items:  Backpack, Restful Bedroll, Flint & Steel, Belt Pouch, 
Trail Rations (8), Silk Rope 50', Grapple Hook, Waterskin

Wish List:

Svengali was born to loving parents on the northern rim of the Summer Court lands. He had a pollyanna childhood and grew up strong and fearless, despite living near borders of both the Winter Court and Formorian lands. His strength and tactical cunning were noticed at an early age, and he was conscripted into the gnome high guard. There he was singled out for special orders and trained as an officer at extraordinarily early age. What Svengali didn’t know was that the favor given to him was not just for his ability, surely that alone would’ve earned the favorable status he enjoyed, but it was known as a secret amongst the leaders of the clan, and his parents, that Svengali was a chosen child, one with a special destiny that would one day be revealed to him. His birth alone, occurring on the summer solstice and at the very moment of the the sun reached its most extreme positions in the sky. As if that was not enough, he had an unusual, glowing mark on the top of his left foot in the shape of a blazing sun. The clan elders and priests confirmed its meaning in a vague but significant way, he was meant for greatness and his destiny was to serve the summer sun. As a young captain, Svengali favored a girl bard named Trilby. He often made her the subject of his pranks, which became more flirtatious the older, and closer, the two became. One day, Svengali meant to tell Trilby of his great affection for her. He planned, with a group of friends, to lure her into an area reputed to be a place where Formorians lurked to snatch gnomes away for slaves. Of course, he would have his friends scout the place before to ensure its safety. They would then, through the work of illusions, become a Formorian raiding party and threaten the girl, when out of the trees would leap the great Svengali to rescue her, but only if she sang him a song of encouragement as he fought. Svengali followed her through the woods, not entirely sure she didn’t know he was following. When she entered the clearing, the Formorians stormed forward. Svengali thinking them his friends rushed the aid Trilby with the arrogant nonchalance of a rake. The Formorians, who had captured his friends some minutes earlier, squashed the fair, little lady and ensnared the gnome with a magical sash. Svengali spent years after in Formorian captivity. The Formorians were under the employ of the Winter Court, and Svengali and his friends were forced into service in separate camps. He worked in the deepest caverns of T’socanith because of his strength. There he develop a deep hatred for the Formorians and the Winterkin eladrin. To keep himself sane, he used to play pranks on the Formorians guards. Eventually others became involved with his pranks as minor expressions of rebellion, for which the gnome slaves sometimes paid dearly. After biding his time this way for three years, Svengali engineered a plan for escape. It involved ten other gnomes with no guarantee to any involved that they would be able to get out, it was only to provide an opportunity to do so. Svengali was the only one to escape, and likely because he detoured from the route to kill the giant that killed Trilby. Svengali threw his makeshift jav into the giant’s head, obliterating his eye and impaling his brain. He took the ensnaring sash as a trophy. While he was killing the captain, the rest were tracking down the escapees. Quite unintentionally, the pack of pranksters he had gathered to create the diversion for their own escape had become the diversion for him to follow, hide, and then escape from their captors. Svengali eventually made his way home, only to discover his entire village was emptied, most likely enslaved into the service of the eladrin empire. Knowing he could do nothing for them and that he himself was in danger if he stayed, he fled. Luck or destiny led him to a portal between worlds and he jumped through it finding himself in the Prime Material Plane. In his wanderings, he took to calling himself Svengali, the Clanless Wanderer, when asked his name. It was only a matter of months before Ruta Skadi happened upon his trail and introduced him to the destiny he know works to fulfill.

Svendil the Clanless Wanderer

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