The Architect of Ruins

Deranged Hermit
Session 4


After inspecting the uninspected areas of the ruins, the party exited the ruins and lit back toward Rasmark.  On their way back Oriphin spotted a hut about a bow's length away.  As far as they knew the Black Forest was uninhabited by normal folk who would build a dwelling.

Curious about who could be living there, the patrol decided to investigate the hut which was built off the ground.  When they approached they saw a thin, vaguely elfin man covered in furs, antler head dress, sitting cross legged on the front platform in front of the hut.  He was smoking a pipe.  Within a few spoken words, it was obvious that the man was a bit touched in the head.

It seems he has the ability to communicate with the forest squirrels.  There were hundreds in the trees all around his hut.  After a little small talk, the hermit informed the patrol that goblinoids had been traveling in the woods and amassing a camp.  If they wanted to know more, they would bring him sausages.  The party left and continued back to Rasmark.

Upon arrival, they saw that there was a raid on the town.  The raid hit an outlying building.  It was obviously a raid to assess the strength of Rasmark's militia.  Kaltes exchanged some words with Sauls, a wizard that he has an unfriendly rivalry with.

The next day (Juli 23) they returned to the Deranged Hermit with sausages.  The hermit pulled a fast one, acting like it was ridiculous that a couple pounds of sausage would be enough payment for the information they sought.  Instead he said if they cleared out the Ettercap lair near his hut, he would give them what they need to know.  Apparently, the Ettercaps were luring his squirrel friends into their lair with acorns.

The patrol easily found the lair and tried to burn out the web canopy that was over their lair.  A Deathjump Spider and three Ettercaps sought to put an end to that.  After taking care of the opposition, the party decided to take a quick rest nearby the lair they had just attempted to set on fire.  A second wave ensnared most of the patrol, so they were unable to flee from the Ettercaps who outmatched them in the patrol's current condition.

The Ettercaps made quick work of an immobilized Lunnin, moved onto an immobilized Kaltes and brought him down as he attempted to flee.  Salen had broken free as had Oriphin and they fled back to the hut of the Deranged Hermit who came to their rescue.  His horde of squirrels overran the remaining Ettercaps.

The patrol quickly returned to Rasmark to revive their fallen comrades.  It is an expensive ritual and they did not have enough funds, so are now indebted to Mistress Sophia, town elder, and proprietor of Unlimited Bladeworks.  She used one of her Raise Dead rituals that she had from her adventuring days.

EXPERIENCE:  +200XP (clearing the ruins) + 188XP (Ettercaps) = 388XP

Total for Lunnin, Kaltes, Oriphin and Salen = 1,925XP. 



Clearing the Way
Game Session 3

Juli 22: The bottom floor of what Nigel said was a buried tower once used by the flying craft of an ancient Eladrin Empire was fiercely guarded.  Two statues positioned as sentrys were on either side of the doors opposite the stairs.  Again on this floor were the two sets of doorways that opened into the shafts running through the center of the complex.

The party elected Lunnin to open the set closest to the corridor.  The rest of the party positioned themselves around to attack in case something was in there.  Salen backed furthest into the room, close enough to statues for them to animate and take care of any intruders.  When Lunnin opened the door an Orb of Flame from a Blazing skeleton shot out and missed him.  Now the party was threatened from both sides.  Tha party was at a disadvantage until Lunnin switched off the Blazing Skeleton and tied up the two Animated Statues with his superior defense as the rest punished the foes from afar.  They found an Amulet of Battle in the small room that held the Blazing Skeleton.

A set of footplates opened the double doors which led to a large room filled with five cubes made up of rusted pipes.  After dealing with the initial onslaught, the party pulled back to recouperate before finishing off the skeletal guards in that room.  They decided to rest inside the ruins, which still wasn't a secure location and they were attacked during their rest.

The next day they cleared the remaining guards in a tough battle between the party and a pair of Blazing Skeletons and a pair of Boneshard Skeletons.  In this room they found hidden in the floor a Staff of Winter and a sack with 800gp.

Confident that the ruins were clear, the party brought Nigel down and he found the class tube filled with blue liquid.  He had to dismantle one of the pipe cubes in the back.  When Nigel handed the tube to Oriphin to take a look at it confirmed something he wasn't too sure about before, that the old Empire had arcane machinery that used a fuel rod of sorts to active their spellfire engines.

"The fluid inside I believe is called Claudias.  It's tough to piece together a lot of the Eladrin history," said Nigel as he wrapped the tube in a thick blanket.  "A disproportionaltely small number of texts relating to their great machinery survives.  It's either been purged or kept hidden somewhere.  Those who know are long gone from Sola."

For Next Time:

Figure out items that you may want to buy.  Keep in mind that the higher level the item, the harder it will be to find. 

As far as how long you stay in the area, I'll leave that up to you guys.  Just keep in mind your characters have life stuff that ties them there and leaving immediately could burn some bridges.  This is really your character's first adventure, so they had jobs or apprenticeships, nevermind that they were considered the best patrol.  Anyone who would be more experienced than the party is basically middle aged and retired.

There are people in Rasmark who have traveled outside, so there's some leads you might want to look for, etc.

Experience: 587 – 40 temporary = 537xp

Kaltes, Lunnin, Oriphin, and Salen: 1,537xp 



Black Forest Ruins Crawl
Game Session 2

Juli 21, 1066 

>>Insert Arjun, Dragonborn Paladin into the party

After the Goblin ambush, the party found a shaft that dropped straight down for about 60-70 feet.  From the top of the shaft they could hear some clicking sounds coming from somewhere down below.  They left the shaft alone after tossing some rocks down.

They took the stairway down to find another Goblin ambush.  Their advance into the room triggered a crossbow turret to drop from the ceiling and pepper with bolts.  After dealing with this ambush they went to inspect the rooms in the area to encounter a pair of Goblins hiding by the door.  In this room they found a Staff of Fiery Might +1.  

Kill some beetles go back out in the woods to rest in the secure area where Nigel was waiting for them.  An angry cave bear was in the way.  Flame broiled bear steak was for dinner.

Juli 22, 1066 

In the morning they continue down to the third floor, which is a large rubble strewn room.  There are two sets of doorways on the wall furthest away from the shafts, but they are buried behind hills of mud.  As they spread out across the room, a trio of Chokers had some fun before dying, but not before Oriphin KO'd Arjun with assistance from his newly acquired Staff of Fiery Might +1 (crits…gotta love them).  In the rubble a +1 Viscious Longsword was found.

Rules Correction:  Forced movement ignores difficult terrain.  I incorrectly thought that difficult terrain was factored into forced movement such as from Tide of Iron.

Experience:  +435 XP + 40 XP (temporary) = 475 XP

Arjun: 475

Kaltes: 1,000

Lunnen: 1,000

Oriphin: 1,000

Salen: 1,000 

Black Forest Ruins
Game Session 1

Juli 20, 1066

On a hot Juli afternoon, a volunteer patrol came upon the Compson farm, which was under attack by a Goblin raiding party.  The patrol consisted of: Oriphin, an Eladarin Wizard; Lunnin, a Halfling Fighter; Kaltes, a Human Wizard; and, Salen an Elven Cleric.  When the patrol arrived, the Compsons had secured refuge inside their home and the Goblins were having their way with the livestock inside the barn.

The patrol dispatched the Goblins and were able to keep two of the farmer's cows alive.  Ned Compson informed the patrol that the Goblins had come from The Black Forest, which bordered their farm.  The local population believes the forest to be haunted and few enter it.  The patrol followed the trail back to the Goblin campsite and finished the remainder of the raiding party, took their treasure, and headed back to Rasmark to report the Goblin presence.


It was nightfall by the time the patrol arrived back into town, so they headed to The Golden Bough, the only tavern in Rasmark.  The Bough is a large tavern and is often crowded.  On most nights there is entertainment, which is frequently Chaunticleer and his baudy theatre troupe.  

When the patrol enterned the tavern, Copenhagen, the master Dwarf armorer, elder pillar of Rasmark, summoned them over.  After the patrol reported, Copenhagen directed their attention to a human male sitting in the corner booth furthest from the baudy skits.  He was a skinny man wearing round wire rim eye glasses.  He had a moustache and was dressed entirely in black. 

His name was Nigel Hawthorne and wanted to hire the patrol. He was looking for a ruin site in the Black Forest.  Ruins tend to attract beasts and monsterous humanoids, so he wanted to hire the party to clear the way for him to gain access to an item he believed lay in the ruins.  The item is a glass tube filled with blue liquid.  He is unsure of what the liquid is exactly, which is why he wants it for research.  The patrol detected no lie in his statement.  

They agreed to terms.  The patrol would clear the path to the bottom level of the ruins where he would claim the glass tube with the blue liquid.  In exchange, he would pay each of the patrol 50 gold and lay no claim to any other treasure found along the way.

Juli 21, 1066

Hawthorne lead the patrol through The Black Forest for several hours.  It was the deepest into the woods any of them had ever been.  The noises of the fauna in the Black Forest all sounded off and the silences strange.  Eventually, they made their way to a hill, but it appeared someone else had found the ruins and had begun exavating.  There was a set of double metal doors with the words "Don't Enter" scrawled in Goblin.  Naturally, the patrol entered and smashed the skeletons that came to life when they entered.  Inside a storage room they found treasure.

Hawthorne informed them that he would wait for them in the safety of that area and told the patrol to get him when they've cleared the way to the 4th and bottom level.  The patrol believing Hawthorne was honest left for the main entrance to the ruins at the top of the hill.

The entrance was a large open doorway fifteen feet wide and fifteen feet tall.  There were no creatures to be seen.  Upon entering the room the patrol set off a rock slide trap, which alerted the Goblins who set the trap to rush in for the kill.  The Goblins were unsuccessful. 

Experience Per Character: +525 XP.

Pre-Game to Ruin

This is where the campaign world information and game recaps will be.  The idea is definitely to start small and build up, so there's not a whole lot here yet.  Don't feel like you are supposed to keep up with the wiki and setting information.  It is there if it interests you.  Nothing more than that.

However, the Wiki also has pages for character creation guidelines and how I'm handling game rules, which you probably should skim over.



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