The Architect of Ruins


Earning the Respect of the Lord of Drakes (+1 XP)

They reached the Ravine of Aina near sunset. There were a hundred drakes flying through the darkening sky, landing on plateaus to sleep for the night. The Lord of Drakes was nowhere in sight and daylight was fading. With half their time gone, the avatars did not want to wait until morning to find the majestic drake, so they stood at the edge of the ravine and called him out. As if flying out of the setting sun, a huge red drake flew past the party and looped back up toward the sky. He was taunting the party, challenging one of them to ride him.

Nightmare's End

The avatars who had set from the southern lands of Sola entered the nightmare of Prince Urikengan, who was the last of the noble line of Ihniko. His mind poisoned with rage twisted the forest he thought he was protecting. He held on until his people could return and rebuild Ihniko, yet this same strength of spirit was the very thing preventing that homecoming. A cruel twist of the pact made a thousand years ago with the elder being Acererak.

Next Steps

So that I can prepare for our next game, on Sept 12th (remember we’re off on the 5th), what do you anticipate the next step is going to be? A quick reminder:

  • House Spiremrul was the one where his lands were under constant harassment from Fomorians and Were-creatures. If you gain this house as an ally they can provide battle hardened soldiers (which is a rarity in this campaign setting where large scale warfare has been largely absent). There are two things needed to gain his alliance. Do something about the Fomorians to free up his soldiers and he wants some sort of elite force allied to your cause to compliment his foot soldiers.
  • House Celshil was the house where its head, Serriay Celshil let you know that she was not in control of her house anymore. Help her oust the council that has gained control over her family and she will ally with you. House Celshil will be able to provide a regimen of arcane casters.
  • You also had sent Padran the Firbolg hunter to speak with his Master of the Hunt.

As far as the Northern Avatars, what were they doing after the elvish settlement of Nantima fell around them? Are they heading to Urza Major? Are they returning to Cydonia and the upgraded Laughing Dragon?

Skirting Around Madness

The Avatars rested after the destruction of Crazy Undead Theatre. When they set out again, they chose the path that brought them closer to the city. On this path, the black ichor was thick in the air, like rain. The corrupted forest was trying hard to corrupt them as well. Fortunately no further corruption occurred. Able placed a warding ritual on the already-corrupted Xan so that his infection wouldn’t prove to be an issue.

At the next fork in the road, the Avatars came across the ghost of Sorrel, the court Wizard during the fall of Inhiko. Sorrel explained that the Prince was still alive in the city, but was quite insane. The forest spirit is in love with the Prince, and keeps out those who would harm him. Destruction of either the corrupt forest spirit or the Prince would allow Inhiko to settle back into the normal world. The Avatars chose to go after the Prince, and asked Sorrel to watch the forest spirit to make sure she made no further trouble while dealing with the Prince.

Entering Inhiko, the Avatars were met by a gorge filled with bones. As they traversed the gorge on a ritual-made bridge, they were accosted by ghosts. They were able to parley with the ghosts to move on. Next, they went to the tower. In the entrance chamber, they were met by another image of the Devourer, which started to play with their minds and set them against each other. They overcame this challenge and went into the next room. There, a powerful Gargoyle attacked them, while they dealt with odd gravity and trapdoors. The room must have been devised by the legendary Bardic Wizard M.C. (Multi-Class) Escher! Nonetheless, the Avatars were able to master the room and proceed further upward in the tower.

A Portrait of a Half-Elf as an Old Man

-17 Days, Dark Hours

“These guys aren’t total losers,” says The Standard of Eternal Battle. “Even if they had some truly awful strategy while fighting the Elven Sword Wraiths, they didn’t die. Still, I had no idea why they were hurling body parts into gates and whatnot. It’s also a good thing they didn’t all go into the gate between The Devourer’s horns, otherwise it’d be a party of old men instead of just Avier.”

Into the Nightmare

-17 Days Dark Hours

The avatars agree to enter the dark heart, the ancient wood, of the Ihniko forest. During a trance, a dreamwalker entered Xan’s dream and determined where they should look for the entrance. The light that Xan could produce lit the way through the once impenetrable wall of thorns. Apparently, only the avatars could see the way. The Ihniki, thinking the avatars were charmed in some way tried to stop them from walking through what they saw as razor sharp thorns and what the avatars saw as the path through.

Negotiation with Calennon

-19 Days, Afternoon

The avatars take the river to Shinaelestra, though not without some resistance by the forest, which split the river into three to divert them away, and a water elemental that pounced out of the water. They made camp and met Abel Storm, the dragonborn avatar of Sola.

-18 Days, Pre-Dawn

After traveling on foot during the night with the benefit of a Dark Light ritual, the party reaches the outskirts of the fading city. During the night, Xan began to remember bits of a former life, where he was once an elf of Ihniko. He remembers the night of the Aeristhyde bombing of Ihniko where he convinced Prince Urikengan to go against the advice of his wizard, Sorrel, and allow the being Acererak to provide a means for the Ihniko to escape the extermination. Once the bargain was struck, the Shinaelestra world-fell into the mortal forest of Ihniko. The elves escaped to Shinaelestra in the feywild. Since that night, the cities merge from midnight to dawn.

Xan feels his mark change slightly. He is also able to glow, providing illumination equal to a sunrod.

-18 Days, Morning

Abel calls out to the elves in the forest, which gives the party permission to approach. The elven scouts welcome them, eventually, and take them on a tour of the ruined city. Within it, several hundred elves train and it is evident to the avatars that in an alliance, they are best used as an elite mobile unit.

They are taken to King Calennon, where they speak to him about forming an alliance. The Ihniko have paid a heavy price every time they join forces with the avatars. Judging from history, Calennon believes he will only be able to help the avatars one more time before his people become no more. He wants proof that the thirteenth generation can win, so that he doesn’t not order the extinction of his own people.

He also discusses the archfey, The Urscumug, that prevents the Ihniko from returning home. Without a homeland, an alliance with the avatars would only have a foundation based on ideals such as justice, freedom, and a return to the natural order, which Calennon expresses are only words when one has no homeland to fight for.


You’ll reach 16th level soon. In the spirit of 4e, the Avatar of the Winter Sun will receive errata. When we reach 16th level the Winter Sun power will be:

Whenever you reach a milestone and have used all of your daily attack powers from your class(es), you may regain the use of one daily attack power from your class. Each daily attack power can be used one additional time until your next extended rest.

Svendil Marches On

-19 Days, Morning

Early in the morning, the inkeep knocks on Chronik’s door. A group of travelers has issued them a challenge for The Standard of Eternal Battle. It is a pair of changelings, a human crossbowman, and a dragonborn sorceror. This was a party almost as odd to see in Senaliesse as the avatars. It would seem The Standard lured the challengers.

19 Days Left, In the Hanging Garden


  • The Lesson of Nachtur: Commanding goblins is a separate skill unto itself. Simple commands are often taken to chaotic conclusions and there are always unintended consequences.
23 Days, Gark falls to the Avatars

Avier and Xan recovered and assessed the situation. Goblins were forming into mobs, ready to overwhelm the interlopers. Xan determined the best way to escape, but was quickly swarmed by a mob, as well as goblins from above who were shooting crossbows. Avier was distracted by a Goblin Hexer and an Ogre, while Reverend and Chronik jumped (literally) into the fray. It was a tough battle, but the Avatars prevailed, and then quickly ducked into a Goblin shack for a rest. Now back on track, the Avatars finally made it to the Goblin King, who was a Winterkin Eladrin. Despite the battle prowess of the Eladrin, the “volunteers” who kept joining the battle, and the cheaty goblins being, well, cheaty, the Avatars were able to clean up, with Avier striking the final blow. As Gark’s head lofted into the stands, the crowd looked to the new Goblin King for direction.


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