The Architect of Ruins

23 Days, Goblins Are Cheaty

So the shakedown is, play by the Goblin’s rules of regime change or don’t and have a couple thousand goblins feast on avatar tartare. Not a bad deal, since you’re not leaving without The Standard of Eternal Battle anyway. So what if Goblins cheat? It could be a whole lot worse.

The Goblins say, “hey it’s this way!” Gates come crashing down and they all start hurling grenades down on you. And then after that werewolf lieutenants almost get Svendl and Reverend KO’ed, that would have been pretty nasty, but the avatars turned it around. Svendl tosses one of the werewolf heads at some kids so they could play with it, which gives them at least a couple of minutes to short rest before taking the bridges to the arena where Gark’s champions wait for the party.

About halfway over the chasm, goblins with hooks on poles rush the rope bridges to shake the avatars off. Reverend got some rope to create a harness, a good idea, but a little too late for Xan and Avier who couldn’t hang on and dropped the 80 feet down into a goblin hood. Avier crashed through a roof into a goblin den and Xan in a puddle or you don’t wanna know.

By the time the others made it across the chasm, a crazy goblin mob had formed below heading in the direction of Avier and Xan, who at the moment are about a block apart. It really doesn’t look good at all for the two who have fallen off the gauntlet path. Not good at all.

23 Days, The Standard of Eternal Battle

The avatars meet with Lady Carana, a Summer Court noble and a fine looking eladrin cougar. She is their primary ally in Senaliesse. During their meeting, she relays that she is on their side, but will not help them if hers is the only house to join the avatars’ quest. If they seek the assistance of the Summer Court, they must convince other houses to stick their necks out, which currently would be extremely difficult. Any words, arguments, no matter how sound, will meet ears deafened by self interest. Some would curry favor with the Winter Court eladrin instead of fighting them. If the avatars fail to create faith in the avatar prophesy amongst her kin, she too would acquiesce to the Winter Court in the name of survival.

25 Days, Out of the Swamp

Alysia dies during the trek through the swamp. The treant tried to drag her back into the swamp, but the party thwarted it. They are at the edge of the swamp not too far away from Senaliesse. Xanlannen is able to cure Alysia of her deathliness.

27 Days, A Persistent Hydra

The avatars decide to take Alysia’s offer to guide them through the swamp. During their travel, Xanlannen again notes they’re being followed, but instead of the korreds it was a hungry and patient hydra. In The Murkendraw, everything is a meal to someone or something. After chasing off the hydra, they press into hag territory until it becomes dark, whereupon Xanlannen thinks about a comfy cabin which begins to materialize around them while everyone else settles in.

28 days, A Day in a Quagmire

The southern avatars find themselves deep in The Murkendraw, the foulest swamp in all the feywild, home of Archfey Baba Yaga. In spite of the shade provided by the massive weeping willows, it is extremely hot in the humid swamp. The swamp gasses make breathing somewhat difficult. After slogging through the swamp, chest deep in water, fighting off mud creatures and vine lashers, they encounter two korreds named Roscoe and Coltrane who agree to lead them through The Murkendraw to Senaliesse for a fee of 1,000gp.

At the very least, the korreds get them to an area of the swamp with much more solid ground, minimizing trips into the murky swamp water. The avatars spend half a day following the pair of Korreds, who suddenly disappear when the avatars reach a glade inhabited by an unclothed half-elven woman. It appears that she is alone in the glade. She tells them that they can rest here if they wish and offers to lead them through the forest to Senaliesse. Avier has tossed a couple of ruses and shown his mark to the half-elf woman.

It’s about four in the afternoon.


You will level when you leave The Murkendraw. You also have until the start of the next game session to make free edits to your characters. After that, changes follow the retraining rules.

28 Days

King Cailan of Ursa Major welcomes the avatars. They have his full support and promise that the free people of his nation will fight and will not waiver when the empire shows its might. He leads them through a tour of his city’s defenses and anti-airship countermeasures. The avatars witness the massive amounts of residuum all of this requires. Even with a thousand years to prepare for the last stand, the king figures the fate of Sola will be resolved in 28 days. Within a fortnight the empire will begin an offensive. First on Nantima, Redcliff, Abelsford, the settlements along the stormwall border. The city can repel the airships for another fortnight. After that, he estimates their reserves of residuum will be depleted.

Ursa Major can stand and draw much of the eladrin forces out of the feywild and away from Blackbury in the mortal world, giving both groups of avatars a chance.

The southern avatars used the standing stones outside Nantima to reach the feywild. Taking the crossing lands them in Murkendraw, the large, deadly swamp of the feywild.


The primary objective is to bring about a victory in Ursa Major. What and how you do this is up in the air. I have no set condition or path for you to follow. This may require the use of skills (both formally and informally), strategy, and seeking out others in the feywild. If Ursa Major falls, it’s game over. The free world is no more. There are 28 days and counting.

Nantima Falls

The Elves of Nantima were ready to defend Nantima against the Eladrin battleship Toivoa. However, the avatars did not wish for the elves to martyr themselves and got the elves of Nantima to storm the foothills and take care of the eladrin ground troops. From there the avatars were to collect the goliath at the southern edge of Nantima and use the catapults to launch themselves onto the Toivoa and perform a hostile takeover.

First Blood, part 3

As Naryl made his way down the mountain toward Nantima. Six frost giants, one hundred helmed horrors, and another fifty eladrin archers stood ready outside the elven settlement. The frost giants alone could knock down half of the settlement. Before he could finish the surveillance, Mesa’s spirit companion appeared before him to call him up the mountain. The avenger sprinted up the icy slope, jumping over boulders and rivers of ice. His blade sliced through a small squad of eladrin soldiers. Five movements, five killing blows, and he never broke his stride.

First Blood, part 2

A rumbling drum cadence echoed through the ice covered mountains. It was coming from near the summit. Reuse could tell it was a marching cadence. The avatars split up, with Naryl heading down the mountain to see if a slaughterstone had taken a different route, while the rest continued to climb up.

As Macarius, Mesa, Rhaan, and Reuse followed the path along the eastern face of the mountain, they saw four frost giants barreling through the trees. The giants were rushing down toward Nantima, so the four intercepted and neutralized them.

From their vantage point on the rough mountainside, they could see that there were some frost giants already at the base of the mountain near Nantima. The elven scouts reported that there were about a dozen frost giants in all, so there were still more up top. The party also saw two campsites, most likely eladrin, on both the west and the east faces of the mountain. However, noting that the drums act as command signals for the frost giants, the party decided to take out the command drums before finding the second slaughterstone.

When they reached the summit of the mountain, they saw the large drums, half a dozen giants, a pack of blizzard worgs, and The Light.

With any luck, Naryl will be speeding up the hill to join the party for the showdown.


13th level, bitches.

First Blood, Part 1

By now it is mid-February. The avatars leave Gazal and Riordan in Cydonia and fly The Laughing Dragon down to Urza Major. About a day away, while still within the Millennial Storm, they disembark and enter the southern nation on foot to avoid the notice of any imperial airships.

Frost Giants


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