The Architect of Ruins

Yeah, We Rock

After slaying Ignathor, the Cydonians began to re-open the mine and the blast furnace to smelt the ore into mithril discs. It would take at least a month for the Cydonians to begin producing the mithril. While all the texts and knowledge have been preserved by the town elders, none of the Cydonians has had much mining experience, so the extraction process will be slow.

Slaying Ignathor

From the room with the rusted out mining carts and the blind screamers the avatars follow the tracks down a very long tunnel. As they walked forward, the patches of skin on the ground increased in frequency. Naryl sliced through each patch, laughing slightly as he did. Ghostly wisps flickered around them, gathering together into the forms of two hundred ghosts of fallen knights.

The ghosts swarm them. The avatars hack, slash, claw, and blast their way through the mindless army of ghosts. Reuse was careful to guard Mesa, pushing him out of the way when a ghost rose through the ground behind him. This allowed Mesa to successfully read the necrotic energy to find the strong and weak masses within the swarm. Naryl tried to use his quickness to help others defend from the swarm of blades, but there were too many. In spite of being able to shred through the horde, they did not back down when Macarius exploded and showed his might. The avatars defeated all two hundred ghostly knights, but it took its toll, leaving the party less able to shrug off damage.

The Fallen Kingdom of Cydonia

A necrotic storm surrounds the fallen kingdom of Cydonia. Macarius and Mesa believe that within a few minutes most people would become too weak to walk in the storm and wither away. Fortunately, the avatars have the protection of Sola to endure damaging conditions such as these. That and they’ve spent a winter becoming stronger.

Riordan on Board

The avatars flew The Laughing Dragon to the southwest air dock, low, over the hangar yard to scoop up the eladrin ship modder, Riordan, and his three giant tool cabinets. Soldiers from the air tower outpost, alerted by a roving band of trackers searching the outskirts for the avatars, scrambled to take down the pirated ship. However, the eladrin did not have enough time to call an interceptor and could only shoot arrows, magic missiles, and acid orbs from the ground as the drakes Vleiger, Drufus and Xerxes grabbed the heavy metal tool cabinets and flew them into the belly of The Laughing Dragon. Tobashi and Xanthus swooped down over the archers, scattering them long enough to keep the other three from being killed.

Warlord Shoge's Log Entry ii

We met with our contact Q at the Floating Lantern. He tested us in several way, being quite annoying about it. He informed us where Ruta Skadi was staying and the she and Zarustra were presenting themselves at court. He seemed a bit surprised that we didn’t ask him more questions than we did before we dismissed him.

Warlord Shoge's Log Entry i

I received a letter form Federin asking me to gather my murder and meet with him at the North Terrace. I gathered all of them with the exception of Oerinca (he was being kept in by his wife).

Exit the Mines

After fighting the gnoll prison guards the avatars head south. They open an iron gate which leads to an old area. As they explore, they hear a lot of soldiers approach from the prison area. When they peak through the door they see far more soldiers than they could fight. If there was any doubt about making a stand and fight, the poison gas seeping into the area caused the party to flee. They find the back exit of the complex, which leads to some caverns, but Rhaan smells an exit not that far away. Several strange creatures attack from the darkness, the party beats them and they emerge in the valley below, the city in sight.

Smacked Around By Nothing

They continued on from the Gnoll campsite and wandered onto the valley floor. It was mostly a desolate wasteland filled with abandoned mining towers, though they did find one that was still operational. A middle aged human operated it by himself, likely a ritual caster of some sort to handle the physical labor. He indicated that he sold what he drilled up to the eladrin, though on occasion a buyer from the south would come to him.

Gnoll Where Else to Go and Other Awful Gnollisms

After sending Reuse running in and out of the room several times, the Exalted Brain finally succumbed to the awesome might of El Avatars. They searched the ruins of the keep and found that the brain had disenchanted every single thing that was once enchanted and ate the residuum to power himself up.

Bad Brain

The gaunt lich cackled as Reuse burst through the door of the main weapon forge. It was once a female eladrin. She obviously had used buckets of persistent magic in keeping up her appearances.


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