The Architect of Ruins

Brain Tag

The Exalted Brain in a Jar bid the party come hither and they did. The Exalted Brain revealed that he was the Thane of this now dead Thaig of Gohdanhar. It seems a lich had come through the forges from the elemental chaos and hit the city before the thane’s army could mount a coordinated strike. The Exalted Brain was surprised to learn that a city existed above him, but he was more concerned about the lich in his forge. He is safe from the lich in the keep. Instead of risking a battle and the future of the thaig, The Exalted Brain decided to wait for an opportunity to eliminate the lich. After deeming the party his best bet, he offered them 20,000gp to kill the lich.

Next the party climbs down the pit to the forge two thousand feet below. At one time there was a winding path through the pit, but now it was mostly broken up with many sections of the pathway crumbled through time. It required some climbing to get down, not to mention dealing with the shrieks that lazed about.

Once they bottomed out, they headed toward the forge. A ward had been placed before the entrance, which was guarded by a pair of Blazing Skeletons who started raining fire down on the party as they tried to dispel the ward. Having taken a shot from the blazing skeletons, Macarius said funk ‘dat and swatted the ward away like it was a fly buzzing around his slice of pie.

Stumbling in the Dark
  • After dealing with the third shriek death squad, the avatars find a building intact enough to use as a hideout. Rhaan performed his campsite ritual, which gave them time for their daily rest.
Blackbury Mines

Entering Blackbury

  • Left the Laughing Dragon some distance away from Blackbury. Flew in on drakes, which would return three days later. Xanthus gave them some lip.

Macarius and Gazal examined the prisons that Edmund created for them. The mannequins were unscathed and the individual parts were slowly moving together. It would seem that the prisons could not be dismantled easily. Reuse discovered that the prisons had also cursed him (was cured later).

Dantes' Inferno

The Avatars of Sola return to Telmeric after leaving the deserted lakeside village of Ashenport. After resting for a night, they met Gazal at her little tower tucked in the corner of the Aherin family estate. It would seem that the secluded location of the tower suited both Gazal and her family just fine. Other than a young human servant named Millie, Gazal was alone in her tower.

1st entry of the 2nd journal of Rhaan

So, I parted ways with my fellow avatars and headed for home near the southern egde of Tolbinhamr. While flying, i passed by several towns. One of which butted up against the Luminia forests, where my elven blood cousin live. They appeared to be fending off some rabid animals from the woods. I decided to stop and help them. It turns out something had taken up residents in the woods and the creatures were fleeing. I used my connection to the primal beast to convince the animals to find new homes farther north away from the creature. Sadly i didnt find the creature or it's lair. I told the town to build a fence near the woods to help keep out any more animals. They thanked me. I told them the avatars of sola would do all they can to help the cizitens of sola. I than headed for home again.

The Voice of Dagon

And so our heroes entered the cave of unspeakable horrors and were greeted by a burning sticky trap everyone but mesa was able to avoid it. Of course they were soon attacked by by fishmen and a gibbering mouther. After a short fight they explored the caves a little more. The found an eerie altar surrounded by statues. Soon they were attacked by a trio of fish demons and the voice of dagon and some random tentacles. The battle was long and hard but the party was finally able to overcome the forces of dagon. The voice of dagon shrieked and fled into the sea.  Once there it became to wail worse than it had before. It was so powerful that ti threated to drive our heroes to brink of sanity…. and at once it ceased. Our heroes were than visited by 5 mermaids sent by melora for desecrating vile altar of dagon. Alek was given the blessing of melora and the rest of the party we given gifts to aid them in their futures quests. The treasure that the party was supposed to protect floated up and they were able to recover it. It was valued at 1700g. Sadly, when the group returned to the town it was completely empty except hundreds of footprints leading to the sea. They found that the entire town had drowned themselves. Dagon's punishment for them having failed. Even the gnome merchant who sent them to ashenport was found drowned in his home.



Y'all be level 9 now and i happily turn things back over to clint. Thanks for letting me run the game for a short while i can't wait to come back in the rhaan capacity. I'll post, as an adventure log, what Rhaan went through while he was away later in the week.

Heading into Paragon

Paragon tier is not that far off. Just so you can plan ahead, you will be able to re-tune all of your legacy items, change it’s enchantment, turn armor masterwork, reforge the weapon into a different one, etc., at 11th. We don’t really role play enough to do things as I’d hoped on a quest basis, so on 14th and 18th level, you’ll be able to re-tune the enchantment on one legacy item and some other extra things.

What are things you’d like to see more of as we move ahead?

Story, non-combat encounters, detail, character specific threads, etc., which I’ve kept light because that’s what I assumed people liked, but maybe I’ve misread you guys?

Would you like combats to be a little more swingy or do you like how it is now and being able to reasonably predict the effect of your tactics? The default monster stats rewards good tactical play, because tactics have enough time/instances to smooth out the irregularity of dice. Altering the math for somewhat faster combat gives more weight to the luck of the dice, giving a bit less power to good tactical play.

Father of the deep

The party checked out what was behind secret door number 2 and a long hallway that was trapped by poison needles and a phantasmal Maw. These obstacles were quickly dealt with. They then found the room of Althanis Leader, high preist, and huge asshole of the cult of Dagon. In the room they found some more books about demonology and the staircase that the fishman ran away from them earlier on. They followed down the stairs in the long hallway. They found another small room with a well in it. This room smelt of the ocean. They also found yet another secret door but choose not to explore it and doubled back to big room where they faught the high preistess.

Cultists, Fishmen, and Demi-Gods, Oh My

After they had finished interrogating the cultist a shot from a crossbow came from out of the darkness and rain and struck the prisoner in the nec killing him..


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