The Architect of Ruins

Bad Job

The group was on their way back to telmeric when they heard the cries for help from a nearby tree. There was a gnome named Orza, that had climbed up the tree to hit's highest branch that could support her weight. The party Asked the gnome what happened and if she would come down but the gnome was scared out of her wits. The Party continued to entice her down but, she refsed until she saw the head of the beast she swore was hunting her. The party had heard a beast shrieking in the background during their dialogue with the gnome. Eventually the beast found them. An owlbear had crossed over from the fey wild. And it was mad and confused. It launched itself at naryl. Soon after a bunch of Kenku showed up to hoping to relieve our heroes of their worldly posessions. Their hopes are dashed swiftly with the arrival of Alek, a wizard of note hired by Orza to be his escort. Rhaan bid his companions farewell and flew off to home. Orza invited the the party to his house for dinner. While over that dinner Orza asked the party to do a job for him. He was the head traveling merchant from a small fishing town. about a days travel from Telmeric. He paid the party 100 g each and promised to pay them each 2000g when the job was done. Orza explained that there was a trade fair in his town and Orza wanted the group to watch over his warehouse until the festival started. Naryl felt as though Orza wasn't telling them the whole truth and inquired further. Orza said that the trade fair had been around for 50 years and was started because of the terible storms that plague the town around this time of year. It was a way for the town to tell gods they had weathered their tests and have survived.  The party agreed to the job. Orza asked them to leave immediately and said that the storms would be to much for their drakes and paided for the drakes stabling and gave them horses to ride.

Telmeric, finally: the last entry from the 1st journal of Rhaan

 Early Winter:

We headed for telmeric and our rendevous with Gazal. We arrived in the evening and stabled our "steeds" in a near by hamlet and headed for Telmeric. Telmeric is a big city… I've never seen a settlement so big before. When we entered the main gate We informed one of the guards that we were requesting an audiance with Gazal. The guards escorted us through the still busseling city to Gazal's family estate. I wonder how living in what i assume is splendor effects one's out look on life.  Gazal suggested another location for us to talk and informed us she was being watched and that now we would probably be watched too. We told Gazal all the information we could about the alexandria core, and the events that transpired after she had left us in Airdock. We bid goodnight to Gazal and head back to the inn near the stables were our drakes were. On our way home someone attacked Naryl he was cloaked and i couldn't see what he looked like. We gave chase but couldn't catach up with him since we really didn't know the city lay out so well. After we abandoned our pursuit we once again headed for the inn and got a good nights rest.

Personal entry: I find myself feeling uneasy as of late. The forest's destruction around Monsertat has me thinking in ways that are some what morbid. So often our belifs center themselves around life and nature and it's protection… but Death is just as much a part of life and nature. I must return home get a new journal and discuss these turn of events with my elders and the elves who took me in as a blood cousin and taught me their ways. I need guidence.

Army of Ooze

The avatars explore the caverns further and find arcane circles in three locations. Mesa understands that the three circle ritual is a Siren’s Call. The Siren is luring the corrupted sap of the trees around Montserrat to seep into the cavern. They encountered an echo of Hua’Janaisiba, who was able to exist long enough to tell them that the corruption would seep into the rocks and travel up to the grave site of the first generation avatars and resurrect them. It was also the goal of Edmund Dantes to corrupt Elismat. The party could completely close the Siren’s Call. Unable to close the Siren’s Call or to cause enough damage to the Wall of Mouths, they decided to burn the ichor in the cave. The now sentient ichor began to convulse from the fire. The corrupted portions of the mountain began to warp in response, so they rushed out of the cavern.

Corrupt Destruction to Save the World

They navigated through a cave overgrown with mold, fungus, and dangerous doom and midnight gloom spores, where they found two monks who had been ambushed by a shifter lay sleeping from the gloom spores. The two monks, Bentan and Aywen, had seen the shifter directing a ritual at the forest and then followed him into the cave whereupon the shifter ambushed them and they were caught in a cloud of gloom spores and fell asleep.

Melora's Light

The avatars that were traveling in the woods around Montserrat saw the after effect of the wraiths sawing into the land and trees. After a few minutes, the trees in the area began to bleed the black ichor they had seen pooled around the outer edges of the forest. It bled through the bark, dripping from the tree limbs and ran down tree trunks. The ground began to be soaked with the ichor seeping out of the roots underneath the soil. At first the avatars attempted to burn out the ichor, but decided they don’t have the man power and sought to enlist the aid of Heian the Lion, who they were en route to meet at Elismat.

At the Monastery of Madness

The Laughing Dragon detached from the first steel tower dock and rose toward the sky to begin the flight to Montserrat. Villagers on the streets of Air Dock, bundled and shin deep in snow, or from their homes stuck their heads out of windows despite the frigid late November wind, and watched the airship fly away.

We Can Has Airship

My avatar friends captured an Aeristhyde airship, and now I, Kelvin, am captain of said ship! As far as I know, this has never been done before, both capturing a ship and me being a captain of such a sweet ride. After things settled down on board the The Arcadia The Laughing Dragon, I sat down for a game of chess with The Engineer and got him to divulge a few things.

In It

This bizarrely over enthusiastic eladrin made an entrance from the blizzard outside to the warm and cozy common room of my place, The Anchor Steam. He was Aeristhyde military. He walked around and looked at me like he knew something that I didn’t then looked down because of that. It was probably true, but guys like that are dangerous when they hold power. He was friendly and conversational, but that didn’t make it feel any less like my life continuing was at his whim.

The Legend... Attacks!

Mesa here. Our group convened in the tavern with Kelvin and friends, and they fed us well. We pondered a few courses of action. The Son of the Morningstar seemed to be against us, but it would take too long to travel to his tower in the horrible blizzard we’re experiencing. The Arcadia airship was still docked, and we want to disable it and claim its core, but there are still too many eladrin roaming about town. Kelvin suggested we could climb up the other docking tower to get into the airship, but that idea didn’t make a hit with our group – nobody liked the idea of swinging 60 feet into an airship with who knows how many enemies waiting to smack us. To complicate things, apparently some gnome went into the eladrin barracks and started stirring them up—it was probably the gnome that got away from our battle at the ruins.

So, we decided a little thinning of the eladrin herd was in order first. Rhaan suggested we put a threat out for them to deal with. We began to make our way to the South gate to enact our plan, but we were headed off my an eladrin patrol. Oh well, they became our first victims instead! We made it look like they were attacked by a beast (they were—Rhann in beast form!), and put a trail into the sewers. Then we went to the south gate and repeated our ruse.

The next day, we went about picking off more of the eladrin—this time, from the sewers. We made our way into the sewers, but accidentally set off a trap. Shortly after that, we were attacked by a bunch of dimensional marauders and a pair of eladrin. We were able to defeat them, but I’m not so sure we will be able to continue our ruse for much longer.

The Legend Begins

The storm wall collapsed, but with the help of the avatars and their companions we survived. It is a frightening time. Not just moving to a new place to start over, but the viciousness of the storm, those gnoll slavers, and the world at large. The caravan took us to a place called Air Dock, where two metal towers stretched toward the sky, taller than any tree I’d ever seen. Atop one of the towers was a large metallic vehicle. It must have taken something massive to get it up there.

In any case, I’m glad to be alive. One of the caravan guards wanted to make sure that we weren’t herded slaves. I stood up and told them how the avatars had saved us from both the collapsed storm wall and the gnoll slavers. Everyone else in town said the same. That guard would not make that mistake again.


The party defeated the gnoll slavers and successfully kept the villagers safe and together. Unfortunately, this was not enough XP to reach level 5, but wait! There’s more! Both Reuse Vechter and Rhaan showed their mark, which filled the refugees of Tumbledarmm with some sense of hope as they left their tiny homeland and took the caravan to live in other parts of Sola. People are now whispering about the Avatars returning. This brings the party to 5,500XP, making each character level 5. Additionally, Naryl surrounding the area in blood and putting the heads on pikes created a focus on the party for the gnolls, keeping the villagers safe while the gnolls attacked the party.

Currently the party is in Air Dock kicking back at The Anchor Steam, eating some real food for a change, instead of rations, thanks to Lucan. Kelvin relayed that Gazal had gotten on a caravan to Telmuric and eagerly waited for what they found in Tumbledarmm. He also told Rhaan that the most handsome dwarf he’d ever seen stopped by and it seemed like that he was looking for Rhaan. That dwarf said he would continue his journey in Monte Christo.


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