The Architect of Ruins

The Sky Is Falling

I guess what the soothsayer says is true. Be careful what you wish for. Ever since I, Todd Smith, was a young boy our family inn, The Silver Tankard, has never had more than one or two guests at a time. I’ve been prayin’ to Moradin, keeping my establishment clean and tip-top for years fixing rooms that hadn’t been used to curry his favor so that one day he’d bless me with a full house. Well today, all my ten rooms are finally full and it’s the worst day of my life.

Two separate and strange groups of travelers came in from the storm wall all armed to the gills. Four rode in on drakes, and six came in on the caravan headed toward Blackbury yonder down south. Of the two, the six riding in on the caravan were the stranger bunch. Still, they had a certain aura around them. Anyway, I don’t pretend to know their business, though Ethel claims they be traipsing around the ruins on the hill. Don’t imagine why though. I mean if they traveled all this way, I would imagine they’d have something better to do than skulk about some moss covered bricks.

After staying at The Silver Tankard for a day or two, the dwarf and the weirder of the gnomes say they need to speak to me about an urgent matter and we go around back. What they said was crazy talk. They said the Millennium Storm was going to crash in and sweep up the village in seven days. Ordinarily, only Wendel talks that kind of end-of-the-world nonsense after his fifth of the night. I didn’t ask why and didn’t feel the need to, but for reasons I don’t know, I believed them. We were doomed. Yup, felt it in my bones. They told me to warn the other families about it, which I did on the next day, but none of us really knows what to do. I mean, where are we going to go and how do they plan on surviving the forty of us after the wall comes crashing in. That caravan isn’t looping back from Blackbury for another fortnight yet.

So after walking out to all the farms and warning the families about impending doom, Pyotr comes rushing in, huffing and puffing. His farm is on the northernmost edge of the village and closest to the storm wall. The storm wall had moved, tearing through a section of his crop. The collapse of our village had begun and my inn was no longer full.


The ghouls at the guard house and the four mercenaries were two combat encounters. Talking down Elan Tennabre and his Golem also nets full XP. This brings you up to 4,926 XP.

You have discovered and retrieved the Alexandria Core from within the golem, which is the item Gazal had asked about after you rescued her in Air Dock.

Now that Elan Tennabre has given you the Alexandria Core, the Tumbledarmm haven will fully collapse in 7 days. The storm wall has already begun to encroach on the village. The caravan will not return for at least 14 days. Air Dock is at best a 4 day journey on foot. A caravan can make the journey in 2 days. Walking through the Millennium Storm without the shelter that a caravan provides is grueling enough for avatars such as yourself, let alone ordinary people.

I made a deck of cards that has some effects that can be used in the game. The deck comes out when someone does something everyone thinks is awesome. The effects range from minor to pretty significant. We’ll see how it goes. These things are either fun or wind up being hokey.

Question of the Week

When growing up, did your character ever feel like they were being watched? If so, how did this come about? Was it an isolated incident or is this something that is recurring?

Dawn of the Dead Wizards

I, Tanda Isarii, have been conscripted to relay the events of the past two days.

Five outsiders entered through the front gate of Zendar Academy. Their clothes were covered with dust, so it is likely they came directly from traveling through the storm wall. Having made that journey, it isn’t surprising that they were able to defeat the turn away enchantment that has warded off most of the peasants in this haven.

It took a little while to understand why they came. Though I doubt it was the case, it actually seemed like the five adventurers had no idea why they made the trip to our out of the way academy. Still, we thought it better to humor them and bore them enough to leave, allowing them to use the library to do research (and perhaps find something better to do than nose about the academy).

In any case, they found some of Master Elan Tennabre’s old journals from his early days, a senior thesis on golem construction and a few scrolls theorizing ways of counteracting the storm walls. Additionally, they stumbled on The Threat of Thirteen, an old tale that was popular amongst eladrin thousands of years ago. They didn’t have more than a few hours to find and skim through any of the books, but apparently had seen enough to seek audience with Master Elan. The goliath revealed a tattoo on his forearm that he believes is of some importance, but I wasn’t familiar with it.

Unfortunately, they prodded past our facade, so it was obvious they weren’t merely bumbling adventurers, but they had come to steal our secret and we couldn’t risk their presence anymore.


One extended zombie encounter and a skill challenge (complexity 1) brings the party to 4,260XP.

Tiefling Rescue

Kelvin here with your recap. As Macarius led his hommes down an alley, one of those stuck up eladrin soldiers bearing a uniform of the Aeristhyde Empire (who got their asses handed 1,000 years ago by my man King Arcurus of Urza Major), stopped the party for questioning. The effete posse was looking for “bandits” that matched the party’s description. Rhaan told the soldier to GTFO. A skirmish ensues. The elle with the stick hit hard, but couldn’t take the punishment back so the pansies drop their weapons and yield. Killing the dudes was inconvenient with a crowd watching and all. Peasants don’t understand these things and well you gotta get them on your side if you wanna change things. They made the right call there.

Eventually, they met me at my new place, The Anchor Steam (happy hour is 5-7 with a free finger food, dig?). Lucan hauled them in from the back alley. I hooked them up with basic sewer info and they went and got their Gazal-baby.

They gave up a sweet ride, an airship, The Arcadia. ‘Tis a light battle cruiser, transports fitty in style, with a bay to hold four small craft or warwing drakes. Guess the elevator was busted and they were too lazy to take the stairs. Are they for reals? Instead they head down south to Tumbeldarrm, as their lady friend had hoped.


Beating on Aeristhyde soldiers, a diet blazing skeleton and his friends, and rescuing the damsel Gazal gets the party to 3,780 xp. Is that 4th level? Away from books, so don’t really know. If it is, enjoy the big boost of awesomeness that is level 4.

Question of the Week

Is it wise to keep everyone in the dark?

Soldiers of the Old Empire

They crossed the stream with the half moon as their only light. When they approached the entrance of the Barrett’s Pass, they could see Kavaki waiting for them. He expressed a lack of understanding as to why they would flee, but told them not to forget their lives were being paid for by many that they were leaving behind.

Reaching Air Dock was not without danger from natural predators and eladrin soldiers who for all intents were looking for the party. While the party can be sure they don’t know how anyone looks specifically, they do have the racial profile of the group and would likely be suspicious of any group of travelers as diverse as the party.

Air Dock is larger than Nibelheim and more densely populated, constructed almost like a city, but on a smaller scale. The distinguishing feature of Air Dock are two steel towers on the north end of town. Currently, there is a fairly large vessel atop one of the towers. While gathering information about town and the caravans they learned that the eladrin arrived a week ago and have free reign to do as they wish about town. The local baron, Lord Roland appears powerless to object. They also learned that they have a tiefling female in custody at the barracks near the base of the towers.

As they were scouting about town, a patrol of eladrin soldiers halts them.


It is Saturday, Oktober 4. Caravans start leaving on Monday.

The PCs were victorious in two combats and completed a simple skill challenge, which brings the party up to 3,260XP. Their investigation challenge ran into a snag, resulting in being spotted. An encounter of some sort will happen first thing next time—this can be a done via role or roll play, but I’m pretty sure which way you guys want to handle it.

Mesa is squishy and he’s been quite vulnerable to skirmishers.

The Man in Black

The party returned to Nibelheim at night after spending the day descending Summit Peak. People from the surrounding towns and villages in Wagner’s Haven crowded the streets, homes, and taverns. Oktoberfest started the day after tomorrow and they still had the great boar roaming the wilderness to hunt down.

The next morning they spoke with Gazal. The Tiefling informed them she would be heading to Telmuric, possibly before the Oktoberfest festivities would get underway, to continue research on the letter that was found in Hai’junaisiba’s Temple.

While hunting for the boar, the party encountered some goliath from Reuse’s tribe. It seems they were after the boar as well. With too many hunters in the woods, the goliath believed that it might make the hunt less interesting, so Reuse and Kavaki, who was Reuse’s equal in physical strength, wrestled for it. In a quick and decisive pin move, Reuse won and the goliath gave the party choice of direction and a head start.

The party found the great boar first. The forest rumbled as the massive beast charged over a small cliff at them. Rhaan was waiting and pulled the beast off his path, but the shadow of the beast was left behind to act on its own. Reuse pinned the beast to the ground, preventing it from charging and rampaging over his companions and Naryl bled the beast with his sword. The boar’s ghost floated across the terrain draining life from the PCs and feeding that life back to the boar.

Soon after the kill, the goliath appeared, having heard the beast rumble through the forest. They congratulated the party and noted that Melora favored them today. Kavaki and Reuse carried the corpse back to Nibelheim to be butchered.

During Oktoberfest, the town was packed. Most of the party was on the lookout for the enemy that drew near, as Ruta warned. No enemy appeared during the festival. Until late, a few hours after midnight, snow began to fall. The party was heading back to The Laughing Dragon Inn to collect what Ruta had instructed Otto to give them should something happen in her absence – Ruta had left Nibelheim the day before. As they crossed the village square an eladrin warrior in black scale armor and weaponry walked toward them purposefully. He told them he wished to “collect” those who had been marked. The party mislead him to inquire at the Red Griffon down the street.

They bust into The Laughing Dragon and informed Otto about the man in black. He rushed into a storeroom and pushed rucksacks into each of their hands. Just then a villager burst in and said the man in black wanted the village to surrender the marked and would kill a villager for each minute that passed. Otto told the party to leave as soon as possible and not to confront the man in black. He said many of the villagers were prepared for such a day and would buy them time to make their escape, they needed to survive and kicked them out. Each bag held travel gear (an adventurer’s kit), everfull rations, everfull waterskin (each produces enough to replace itself once a day), and 5 platinum pieces (500gp).

Snow continued to fall as they left Nibelheim to deal with the man in black and ran for Barrett’s Pass, which cut through The Ghyfang to the village of Air Dock. They heard the sounds of a trained wolf-pack off in the distance but closing in quickly. There was a stream ahead that they wanted to reach to hopefully throw pursuit off their trail, but the hunt master and his wolves caught them. The wolves quickly surrounded Mesa and dragged him down. Naryl and Rhaan climbed up the snow covered cliff to reach the hunts master who was raining enchanted arrows on them. Macarius flew on top of a tree to stay away from the wolves and avoid being their new favorite snack. After killing the wolves and their master, the wilderness around them was silent save for the sound of water flowing on the stream that was starting to freeze over.


You won two combat encounters and provided a giant boar for a great feast, brings the party to 2,858xp. You each have acquired everfull rations, an everfull waterskin, and 5 platinum pieces (500gp).

Question of the Week

Does your character have any recurring ailments (trick knee, allergies, headaches, bad hangovers, etc.)?

Rub Me Belly

The party walks to the center of the valley, hacking through some eladrin zombies and skeletons to get below the tower which was floating one hundred feet off the ground. There were hundreds of floating islands of earth and marble where they could climb and jump their way to an entrance at the bottom of the floating tower island.

They reached the entrance and traveled through a tunnel which led them to just outside a garden area. When they walked toward the garden, an eladrin arcane archer emerged from the door on the far end of the garden. The eladrin laughed at them as he enchanted an arrow that would explode when he shot it at their midst. A warwing drake and some foot soldiers kept the party from reaching the arcane archer who murdered them from a distance. Being unable to take more punishment, the party leaped through the collapsing rock slide behind them just before the passageway became completely impassable.

Plan B involved climbing the outside cliff to get on top. By the time the returned the garden area was vacated. The room in the back had an arcane circle. There was a stairway which led to a back garden, where they met The Son of the Morning Star, as he called himself. He didn’t give a shorter name. It seems he has been creating these drakes and training them, but seemed to have no training in husbandry. He apologized for losing control of the drakes that attacked the village, but felt that they were even since the party killed a few of his men. He was impressed that they survived the ambush, and seeing as he now had vacancies, wanted to know if the PCs would join his group of highwaymen, promising them each wealth and their very own warwing drake, which were particularly adept at navigating through the storm walls. The Son had no problems mentioning any cards he had in play, such as the arcane archer he had hidden ready to take them out should they try anything funny.

Rhaan got The Son of the Morning Star to let him tame one of the drakes he’d just created. Surprisingly, the belly rub finisher was key to taming the beasts. The Son was pleased and invited them to dinner to chicken and baked pears. He was disappointed that they wouldn’t stay to have some brandy. In any case, The Son promised to be a good boy and not attack Nibelheim. The Son was particularly interested in Reuse’s mark, but not for himself, for his brother who he said was particularly obsessed with it.

The party said goodnight and headed home.


After beating on some zombies and succeeding in two skill challenges, the party is now made of level 3 characters each with 2,458xp. XP was also granted for getting The Son to promise not to interfere with Oktoberfest and showing The Son how to tame a drake.

Question of the Week

How much of a gambler are you?

Warwings Descend

The heroes head home after depositing the remaining bandits at Hillbottom. As they turn onto the Barley Road back to Nibelheim they see half a dozen warwing drakes descend upon the town. A trio of drakes landed in a nearby farm and the heroes rushed in to save the villagers, who thanked them profusely and showered them with as many turnips as they could carry.

Upon pulling the wagon into town square they were met by Ruta Skadi who tells them the drakes came from Morningfall Summit, the tallest peak in the Ghylfang. Reuse Vechter recalls that the mountain is considered cursed. None who go there return. Macarius Tanalva also remembers that Cyril the old drunk likes to go off about eladrin spirits who haunt the summit.

Otto, frantic that his beloved Oktoberfest would be doomed if the drakes were allowed to wreak havoc, begged the heroes to go to the peak, shoving camping and climbing gear into their arms as he did so.

They set off for the summit at morning and arrived at the base an hour after noon. Once there, Reuse estimate the climb would be more time intensive and tiring than it would be difficult, especially if he took the lead. They made it up halfway before it was clear they would not finish the climb before nightfall, so they headed toward a “gash” in the mountainside. They squeezed through the hole and cleared out the rats who lived there.

The next day they made it to the top of Morningfall Summit at noon. What they saw looked like a meteor strike had hit the top of the mountain. It was a large crater with hundreds of chunks of earth and marble suspended in the air within the crater. In the middle was a tower, hovering about a hundred feet off the ground. The tower and the chunks of blasted marble stonework floating in the air are of eladrin design.

The heroes head down the side of the crater. They head towards a statue of an eladrin warrior. As Macarius examines the statue, an eladrin apparition appears and tells them to go away before it decides to drain them. How kind. They start to parlay, but then Mesa stumbles over his words causing the apparition and several of her friends who were hiding in the rubble. The heroes prevail in part because of the cheaty goodness of Reuse’s defensive capabilities, Mesa of tribe Ruhgzsh’s healing, Rhaan taunting brainless undead to run through zones of blasty goodness, and Macarius deciding meh, might as well blast everything in one shot.


For depositing the bandits you got some xp and 40 gold for each character. This session there were three combats and one failed skill challenge (taming drake). Each character has 2,084xp.

Question of the Week

Why does your character bother to help villagers in mortal danger?

Hint of Trouble


  • After searching the Temple of Hau’janaisiba, they follow the trail of what presumably fought the naga spirit. The trail led to the top of the Ghylfang Mountains, near an old abandoned watch tower.
  • They follow the trail back into town. Mesa asks about Edmund Dantes. Edmund ran into Nibelheim looking panicked. He left in a hurry.
  • The next day an villager approached Reuse. He was looking for his wife and feared she had wandered into a sinister looking grove.
  • Otto asked Rhaan to go to Hillbottom to see what was up with the delayed shipment of brandy. He also asked the dwarf to taste test several brews.
  • Ruta Skadi told Naryl that on the day of the festival they would see the face of their enemy. She also mentioned an unnaturally large wild boar roaming the woods and would be an excellent test for a hunter.
  • Gazal hands the partial letter from the temple to Keller, who then gets to work trying to reference everything in it. He’d be a day or two at least.
  • PCs go kill the blood sucking creature that got the villager’s wife. They returned the comb to him.
  • Later that day they find a halfling wagon that was raided by bandits. They head to Hillbottom with a wagon borrowed from Otto. Once there they learn that an Eladrin dressed in black was inquiring about the Sola Mark. It also seems someone who fits the description of Edmund Dantes had reached Hillbottom and fled south.
  • They decide to make Otto’s wagon look less dumpy to get the attention of any bandits. The bandits noticed. The PCs kill em.


Two combats and two minor quests completed. The current experience value of the party is 1,579xp.

Hau'janaisiba Gone

After a quick breather, Mesa of tribe Ruhgzsh scavenges a rusty suit of chainmail from one of the old sleeping chambers of the temple complex. The rust almost fell off when he put it on.

The party continues through the temple, trying to avoid traps, and the many guardian constructs. After using most of the day and getting lost in the temple maze. Lacking an effective way of dealing with the many traps delayed slowed their progress down to a crawl. At the end of the day, they had to take a rest and were still not near the main sanctuary. During his turn on watch, Naryl Talowyn heard a battle roar sound off in the distance.

Seven Days to Oktoberfest

They awoke the next day and found the main sanctuary fairly quickly. Their rest had cleared their heads and Mesa was beginning to encounter familiar territory. Unfortunately, it seems as if they’ve arrived hours after a fight had occurred. There was blood on the floor and no sign of Hau’janaisiba anywhere in the temple. Whoever had done battle with the naga, appeared to be some sort of shapeshifter, and had lost quite a bit of blood. However, this creature had at least four hours on them and catching it in unfamiliar territory seemed unlikely.

Instead the party decided to do a thorough search of the temple. Including a sealed room that Hau’janaisiba forbade Mesa from entering. The room appeared to be a sleeping chamber well suited to a scholar. On the table is a letter, but only the first half of the letter is there.

Unfinished Letter

The letter appears to have been written during the time of the The Aeristhyde Empire (the last empire on Sola). It is addressed to Lord Ernst von Bahbem of the Bahbem Foundation, but since it is incomplete there is no signature, so you cannot tell who wrote it. In the letter the author appears to be summarizing the activity of The Empire and the rebellion in order to further discussion as to next steps. Unfortunately, it is that second half that seems missing. The author seems to have some access to the feywild or some method of gathering information of what’s being spoken about in the courts of the Feywild Masters, leading you to believe the author is of fey origin.

Gazal instantly recognizes the rarity of such a letter. Documents near the fall of Aeristhyde and the appearance of the Millennium Storm are extremely rare, particularly those about The Empire itself and the Millennium Storm. Scholars theorize such accounts were purged from record by the remnants of The Empire and/or servants of the Feywild Masters. Given what must be the chaos of that time, might not have been difficult. Still, it is assumed some records survive somewhere hidden in Sola. Much of the letter requires context to make sense of, which Gazal does not currently have. She would need several texts to reference many of the things the author mentions in order to make sense of it as many of the names/places mentioned in the letter no longer exist.

The author of the letter describes the vulnerability of The Aeristhyde Empire, at how thin their forces have been spread around Sola, naming possibly ways that von Bahbem might be able to maneuver in order to further the Foundation’s research. Much of the Empire’s plan to end the rebellion was an overwhelming show of force. Unfortunately, the loss of the battle fortress Tartarus in the Ihniko Forest has gravely compromised the empire’s ability to deal with the growing rebellion of Urza Major, led by a young King Arcturus.

Hundreds if not thousands of displaced warriors have made their way to Urza Major to join the King’s Army. It appears that Arcturus is able to communicate with Pelor and channel blessings from the god. He comments the empire was correct to send out their White Cloaks to eliminate such people, who suddenly let the population know the gods no longer slept. Such divinity inspires them and the empire does not want an inspired population. Unfortunately, the legend of Arcturus has spread to far to quell. The Aeristhyde Empire is not equipped to deal with such a rebellion as large as has gathered in Urza Major. They would need to leave other city states and territories, which would embolden those city states to reclaim their sovereignty.

Many of the Feywild Masters are unhappy with Fuhrer Ultenna’s campaign on Sola. There are calls to abandon a physical empire on Sola in favor of alternate methods of control that they have at their disposal, namely some way to control the winds to make it impossible for the rebellion in Urza Major to spread to other nations. Many in the court favor this approach since it minimizes Eladrin casualties, though some find the measure runs counter to their ultimate goal of providing a peaceful land for the low races to inhabit. Essentially, beating them down so they are unable to fight is quite a different beast from making Sola a place where people don’t need to wage war.

In any case, the author fears that the rebellion in Urza Major has pushed the Feywild Masters into a situation that makes some form of “ultimate solution” to maintain order on Sola a viable one. At the point where the letter ends, the author asks von Bahbem if he knows who, what, why, where is “Metatron,” a name he’s heard whispered from Lord Berion of Azterlaya.


Two standard combats and a failed skill challenge. The consequence of failing the skill challenge was to be beaten to the sanctuary of Hau’janaisiba and missing the opportunity to gain the secret directly from the naga spirit; success would have led to an opportunity to speak with Hau’janaisiba (and another skill challenge to gain the secret). The current experience value of the party is 1,288xp.

Rather than two large gems, Macarius Tanalva discovered that the eyes of the statue were actually twelve smaller gems, each worth 100gp.

I’ve read a few threads on the boards regarding conjurations and things like opportunity attacks. This seems to be something left for the DM to define. With regard to the spirit companion I agree with the thinking that they do not provoke opportunity attacks as it’s really the shaman character moving the spirit. The spirit companion can’t move itself, so any movement of the spirit companion in my mind falls under forced movement. On the other hand, conjurations by default can’t make opportunity attacks. Conjurations have no actions, so can’t make an opportunity attack. To make an opportunity attack, the attacker must be able to make a basic attack. Conjurations have no actions. It’s the one who conjured it who grants it any actions it can take or is attacking via the spirit companion. Besides, higher level conjurations like Great Bear Guardian includes the statement “and it can make opportunity attacks,” which suggests to me that conjurations cannot do this by default.

Question of the Week

Other than a pair of scissors, what does your character have in their pocket right now?

Hua'janaisiba Welcomes

Having found the black tree with the runes, they scavenged for branches, saplings, and vines to construct a raft. They wandered onto a lair of giant centipedes, which have in the past taken a child or two who have wandered into the forest to play. After taking care of that, they made camp and took a few hours to put together a serviceable raft.

Eight Days to Oktoberfest

The six chosen carried the raft back to the tree that Mesa believed would lead them to the underground Temple of Hua’janaisiba. When he pressed his hand on the runes, the earth on the north side of the tree parted and they could see an underground river twenty feet below. Roots jutted out from the earth, providing easy foot and handholds to lower themselves and the raft onto the river. Curiously, the river flowed toward the Ghylfang Mountains, rather than away, and the river started from right underneath the tree.

They pushed off an a few minutes later found themselves having to roll off to underneath the raft. Gazal and a couple of the others had just enough time to dump the water from their skins to make air bladders. The entire passageway was submerged with no place to get air for a few minutes. The strong current broke apart the raft and Reuse tried as best he could to hold them all together after Macarius passed out after running out of air.

The river dumped them into a cavern lake. Mesa could see an entrance to Hua’janaisiba’s temple. The walls were carved with intricate designs. As they approached, Mesa told the party some of why he wanted to come here and the potential danger of entering. Seeing not much else in the way of passage, they decided to go into the temple anyway, though both Naryl and Gazal both found themselves shaking their heads as to just how half-baked this pie was.

Mesa entered the hallway. Given its size, this was clearly a back entrance. As soon as he stepped in the floor collapsed and he found himself on his backside ten feet below. While in the pit he and Rhaan saw and intentionally triggered some spear traps. Then water began to seep into the pit. They pulled themselves out and the party watched to pit fill with water until it reached the top. Just outside the door they found a panel that extended ledges from the wall, which would have kept the floor intact. However, the hallway presented another surprise in the way of blade traps, which seemed designed to be able to swing outside of it’s narrow path. After paying some blood, they figured out how to disable the blades and make it across to the doors on the other side.

Mesa opened the doors and saw a large statue of a longtooth shifter and serpent wrapped around him. He stepped forward then instantly stepped back. He said the statue attacked him, but nobody else saw the statue move. With this, they decided to catch their breath and decide what to do.

Of course, they decide to enter the room with the large statue. As soon as anyone crossed the threshold, they saw the statue was animated as were the dog statues in the corners of the room. The statue unleashed psychic attacks. If his snake companion bit any of the heroes, they lost their senses and walked to the base of the statue, even if this opened themselves up to attack from the iron dogs. Rhaan eventually figured out that the psychic attacks were sight based and originated from the statue’s head. He yells this and tosses his cloak to Reuse who windmill slams it onto the statue’s head. The entire thing was mental. The images of the dogs disappeared from their minds and they saw that the dog statues still sat in the corners of the room.


The party succeeded in finding the tree without being followed by Edmund Dantes (complexity 3) and were able to build a raft that could hold six people (complexity 1). In combat, they defeated a pack of giant centipedes and a room of psychic statues. They also disabled two of the three traps in the hallway. The current experience value of the party is 1,038xp. This is now a party of level 2 heroes.

I haven’t really run that many traps before. There’s one or two trap attacks I could have gone the other way on, but none of them were game changing. Also, this temple exploration is a quest created by Mesa, and there is a quest XP reward on the table. Ideally, I’d like for the majority of what you guys do be quests that are created by characters. So keep that in mind for when they party decides where to go next.

Is it just me or does this guy look like he’s looking to kill you because you took his Guitar Hero controller? Maybe it’s the mushrooms.


Question of the Week

What does your character do as far as normal clothing and their general appearance? Do they try/plan to keep clean even while adventuring, wipe down gear during short rests, or do they keep the crust on as a daily progress bar? Do they wear whatever or do they have a sense of style? If you’re feeling lazy, here be the binary, you be sharp or you be slob?


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