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  • Black Forest Ruins

    Juli 20, 1066

    On a hot Juli afternoon, a volunteer patrol came upon the Compson farm, which was under attack by a Goblin raiding party.  The patrol consisted of: Oriphin, an Eladarin Wizard; Lunnin, a Halfling Fighter …

  • Black Forest Ruins Crawl

    Juli 21, 1066 

    >>Insert Arjun, Dragonborn Paladin into the party

    After the Goblin ambush, the party found a shaft that dropped straight down for about 60-70 feet.  From the top of the shaft they could hear …

  • Clearing the Way

    Juli 22: The bottom floor of what Nigel said was a buried tower once used by the flying craft of an ancient Eladrin Empire was fiercely guarded.  Two statues positioned as sentrys were on either side of the doors opposite the …

  • Limitless Fortress

    The Limitless Fortress

    It is spoken almost as if it is a mythical place, a massive tower built from several massive towers that stretch high above the perpetual cloud cover that surrounds it.  The top is hidden from view from those on the …