Air Dock

Air Dock is a large town of nearly two thousand inhabitants in the Wagner Haven, nestled in the eastern foothills of the Ghylfang Mountains. It is about half a day’s walk from Nibelheim which is also in the foothills of the Ghylfang. Air Dock looks less like a rural village and more like a city ward cut out and then placed in the foothills.

Air Dock gets its name from the two large steel towers in the northern part of town. These towers were built over a thousand years ago during the reign of the Aeristhyde Empire as a port for airships to land. They had fallen into disrepair until recently when a small number of eladrin arcanists came to Air Dock and started to repair the towers. A few weeks later, a light battle cruiser, The Arcadia, docked at tower one.

Several caravans stop at Air Dock, making it a good place to find passage to destinations east and south of the Ghylfang Mountains.

The party has made two friends in Air Dock: Lucan, the portly elf who is the chef at The Anchor Steam tavern; and his boss, Kelvin, a black skinned human with a hankering to make a difference in the world and has a fondness for red polished leather.

Air Dock

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