Character Creation

Every generation, Sola delivers an avatar who is prophesied to end the thousand year storm unleashed by The Feywild Masters. Sola’s avatar bears a mark within its skin so that when the time is right and all things are in place, the avatar will be recognized and end the storm.

In the northern lands of Sola is the village of Nibelheim. Thirteen of the youth bear Sola’s Mark. They have the power to unchain Sola. However, they are marked for death by the Feywild Masters. The only way The Thirteen will know freedom is to take the fight to The Masters and end the storm.

The true mark is hidden among The Thirteen. Not even they know who bears the true mark. Will the true avatar of Sola make it to the end to free Sola from the storm or will the Feywild Masters continue to hold dominion over what they describe as “the low races”?

Your character is one of The Thirteen youth of Nibelheim who bears Sola’s Mark. There are thirteen races among the Races of Light. Each of those races is represented among The Thirteen. During the campaign, only one of those races may be used for a player character for the entire campaign. Only one PC can be a Deva during the entire campaign. Only one PC can be an Elf, etc. You are 1st level and have 100gp.

Please read the Campaign Rules for modifications to the system in general and class and items in specific.

Character Backgrounds

Backgrounds do matter. They can be short or they can be long and detailed. The background is there to provide a blueprint for the future (a hook for a sub-plot you’d like for your character to have) or give them something interesting that makes them different. I suggest taking the opportunity to influence the story via your background, but if that’s not your thing, that’s fine too, initiative will be rolled. Beyond that there there are a few questions that you need to answer for your character’s background (again these can be as short or as detailed as you wish):

  • Strange Birth: The circumstances of your birth are strange. Not only were you born with Sola’s Mark, but odd circumstances surrounded your birth. For example, were you born in the middle of summer, but a blizzard fell on Nibelheim the day you were born? Were you a Goliath born from a Halfing mother’s womb? Did a wolf carry you as an infant in from the wilderness and leave you on someone’s doorstep?
  • The True Mark: Describe what leads you to believe that you are the one who bears the true mark. Perhaps during your training you received a vision, or maybe your instructor believes you are the bearer, which leads him to be strict and diligent with your training. It can be something really weird. It doesn’t even have to be a specific event, it could be self-confidence, pride or desire? Maybe you’re always lucky or take the fact dogs love you as proof.
  • Doubt: Describe why you feel one of the others may be the true avatar of Sola.
  • What Would You Do if you found out you were the Avatar of Sola?
  • What Would You Do if you discovered that one of your companions was the Avatar of Sola?
  • Your Equipment: How did you come by the three special items in your possession? Were they passed down? Did you find them?

The only other thing to keep in mind is your character must have been born in Nibelheim or in one of the surrounding areas (or at least believe you are — there’s a bit of leeway with the actual facts of your birth, just your character isn’t aware of them). You may have moved away for a while, if it’s necessary for your concept, but at some point you return and become friends with the others. It’s probably a good idea to have some of your backgrounds connected. You might find these characters can pull off some amusing stuff during a fight.

Character Creation Tableside

Swapping characters is less open this campaign. If you find the class you’ve selected doesn’t play how you imagined, you have one rebuild opportunity to create something that has reasonable similarity, so as not to completely change your character. A Barbarian rebuilt to a Warlock is a bit of a stretch, but a Barbarian to a Fighter or a Druid to a Warden isn’t too out of theme, even if they are a change in class roles. As a last resort, sure we can change characters.

Magic Items

Magic Item drops are going to be infrequent, but you’ll still be fairly well equipped. You are to choose three heirlooms or legacy items. These are special magic items your character has at the start of the campaign, but the item’s powers are not yet awakened. Through using and wearing these items in combat you gain an affinity with them.

When you create your character choose any three magic items from the usual sources. These are your legacy. Your legacy items are Level 1 versions of these items. The enhancement, properties, and powers of these items are dormant until they have reached a level where they gain an enhancement bonus, property, or power (the lowest level listed for that item). Items need 2 affinity points to awaken.

Each time you gain a level, your character gets 3 affinity points to add to his or her legacy. Each affinity point added to a legacy item raises the level of that legacy item. You can choose to add these 3 points as you see fit amongst your legacy. Points can only be added to your legacy items. No legacy item can be more than 3 levels higher than your character’s level. Increase this limit to 4 levels at paragon tier and 5 levels at epic tier.

For example, Sayne has chosen Armor of Cleansing as part of his legacy. It is functionally a normal suit of scale armor (no bonuses, properties, powers) because it is Level 1, which is not a high enough level for the item to have any bonuses, properties or powers. To awaken it, it needs to be a Level 3 item (as per the item’s description). When Sayne reaches 2nd level, Sayne gains 3 affinity points. He decides to add 2 affinity points to his Armor of Cleansing. He can’t seem to shake off ongoing damage, so it is something he wants to be protected from in order to see the journey to the end. It is now a Level 3 Armor of Cleansing, which is what is needed to awaken the item, so it now gets the +1 enhancement bonus, the properties, and powers of a Level 3 Armor of Cleansing. He still has 1 affinity point to add to his legacy. Sayne could continue to increase his affinity with his armor or he could choose to improve his affinity with the rest of his legacy.

In the case of masterwork armor you can have armor reforged when you’ve reached the appropriate enhancement bonus to make it a masterwork armor (this requires an actual armorer).

You may choose any three items during character creation (check the Campaign Rules before choosing your items). These selections cannot be changed once they’ve been made. You can re-tune your legacy (change the enchantment) at certain points, so that you can try different things and get enchantments only available at higher levels.

Character Creation

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