Three days travel through the Winderlands, north of Rasmark, is a habitable region called Dagonshire. It is a temperate area and large enough to support several villages and a small city. On the northern border are the Gravestone Mountains and on the eastern border is Lake Miskatonic upon which is the city of Dagon. Half of the lake is engulfed by the Winderlands, so residents of the city always have a view of a storm on their horizon. 

The most well known features of the region are the four university libraries in the city of Dagon, which is on the shore of the Lake Miskatonic. Dagon with apopulation of roughly 10,000 in the area is the largest city within one week's travel through the Winderlands. The four universities hold a significant amount of power, as do several other personalities who thrive under the current climate.

Much of the city is in disrepair. The cobblestones in the roads are mostly broken. The stone buildings are old and mossed from the somtimes chilly lakeshore air. In it's glory so many years ago the grey stones were once bright and filled with sculpture, art, and music that befitted a city that stood on the edge of leading a new Renaissance of Sola, but that was several decades ago. Now the scholars keep to themselves and the windows on the universities shuttered in instead of wide open and inviting.

The Four Libraries

Throughout its history, Dagon was known as a center of knowledge, though in the current state of disrepair the reputation of the city and the libraries have diminished. At one point, the libraries were more like colleges, but that was at least a century ago.

  • Herskar Library (History)
  • Tofrar Library (Arcana)
  • Godemlegur Library (Religion)
  • The Library of the Nobuzerri (The Natural World)



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