Husk Drifting Festival

The big holiday in Rasmark is the Husk Drifting Festival. It takes place at the end of Oktober, signaling the end of the harvest. For several days leading up to the festival, the town is transformed, decorated in orange and black in preparation for the big feast in town. Each year it is a great big party during the day. Music is everywhere and the spiced cider flows in large quantities made in batches for children and adults.

At night Rasmark gathers around the stone bridge and at various pounts along the Urzu River. It is customary that during the week of the Husk Drifting Festival that the villagers make a simple man out of corn husks and put it under their pillow. The night of the festival, people set the husk into the river and watch it float down stream, saying goodbye to painful memories or feelings and grudges they no longer wish to carry. It's purpose is to have people let go so they can move on, prepare for the harsh winter and coming year. It is a way to make peace before the harsh winter.



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Husk Drifting Festival

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