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Campaign Introduction


Your character lives out of the way in Rasmark, a town at the edge of civilization in a land known as Sola.  Beyond the handful of villages around Rasmark, the rest of civilization is a distance away.  Few residents have gone beyond the surrounding villages.  Those who have traveled abroad speak of Sola as if the entire land lay in ruin. 

Much to the dismay of several adults and town elders, those people who have seen the outside world tell stories to Rasmark's youth about the great treasures buried in the ruins of Sola.  With wild eyes they describe the ruined cities, castles, and strange metal structures half claimed by the land.  The most fabled of these ruins is the Limitless Fortress far to the north, a city constructed from great towers of steel.  The lure of all that lost treasure, wealth, and knowledge claims many lives.

In villages all across the land of Sola, it is those who have just come of age who patrol the lands outside of their villages.  There's no King or Great Empire to keep order, so towns and villages have to fend for themselves.  Your character is one of those young people who protect Rasmark from the wild creatures and marauding bands of Sola.

Your patrol group (you and the other PCs) have the reputation as being the elite group among the patrols.  Most of those on patrol are average beings, not heroic characters with class levels like the PCs.  There may be a handful of others as capable as the PCs, but they are the exceptions to the norm.


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