The town of Rasmark is the hub of several villages in the area.  It is an isolated temperate region at the edge of civilization, set about a four or five day ride from the next settled area.  The Ursa Creek runs through the middle of the village.  Two wooden bridges and one stone bridge span the river. 

Humans are the most populous race in Rasmark, but all the races of light (PHB races) are welcome and live in Rasmark or the surrounding area, which includes the Halfling Farmlands and Faetima.  Including the surrounding villages and farms, the area of Rasmark has a population a little over 1,500.

  • Inn & Tavern: The Golden Bough
  • Gear: Copenhagen's Armors; Sophia's Bladeworks; and Sayne's Provisions.

Town Life

Rasmark is a self-sufficient town.  Farmers can grow more than enough food and craftsmen, who pass their craft from generation to generation, make the goods people need.  These craftsmen include accomplished weapon and armor smiths, as Rasmark has a strong tradition of defending itself.

For as long as any can remember, adults have taught the youth in the arts of combat, whether they be with a weapon or by spell.  The young adults of Rasmark patrol the area to keep monsters and bandits away, as well as keep an eye out for anything suspicious.  It is custom and the way of life in Ransmark and the surrounding villages.  All races share in this custom and do it together.

Other than the occasional merchant, only a handful of travelers stay at Rasmark.  There are several holidays and days of observance.  The largest celebration is the Husk Drifting Festival at the end of October. 


Prominent Residents

Here are some of the people in town that everyone either knows or knows about.

Chaunticleer: Cheif entertainment at the Golden Bough.  He is known for his baudy humor and plays.  He also knows a lot about everyone.

Copenhagen: One of the three pillars of Rasmark. He is a middle aged Dwarf and the town's armorer. He also maintains the shrine to Moradin, which is in front of his armor shop.

Immeral Lavondyss: Immeral is an Eladrin and the third pillar of Rasmark.  He however does not deal with the public as much as Sophia or Copenhagen.  He spends much of his time in his study, which is by far Rasmark's largest library.

Sophia: Lady Sophia is a graceful human woman who is Rasmark's weaponsmith. She calls her forge the Unlimited Bladeworks. She is the second of the three pillars of Rasmark.

Areas of Interest

The Black Forest

The northern border of Rasmark is The Black Forest.  It is a haunted wood or so they say.  Most of the farmsteads lay a good distance from the forest edge.  The tree growth is dense, leaving the forest floor fairly clean of plant life as it is quite dark in the wood at all times of the day.  Most folk are uneasy about entering too far into The Black Forest, but some do to hunt the elk roaming the woods. 


Most of the Elves in Rasmark, preferring to live in the trees, live seperate from the other races in a forrest village called Faetima.

Halfling Farmlands

The Halflings live very close to Rasmark, not more than a fifteen minute walk outside of the main village area. They like being part of the main town, so they live close, but the size of the buildings that humans need is sometimes a bother, so most Halflings cluster down river.

Shrine of Bahamut

Right next to the Stone Bridge in the center of Rasmark on the east bank is a small garden area which houses a shrine to the god Bahamut.  It is customary for the young people of the village to accept their service to patrolling the lands of Rasmark at the Shrine of Bahamut.  However, it isn't unheard of not to.

Shrine of Moradin

The Shrine of Moradin is in front of Copenhagen's heavy armor smithery.  There are no formal services to Moradin, but anyone is welcome to say their prayers in front of the shrine.  In fact, many of the village craftsmen do.


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