Sola is a land in ruin.  Long ago Sola was a land of great nations under the rule of an all encompasing empire.  All that is left of this long gone era are the ruins. Not much is known about who built these ancient cities and what caused their fall.  Some say that empire was the Eladrin's, the Dragonborn, or a Human empire, but it could be the empire of an extinct race.  The stories have slowly changed from generation to generation to a point where myth is indistinct from history.

Sola is a land gripped in darkness.  Scattered among the vast stretches of windswept and ruined land are towns, villages, settlements, and cities of the surviving races of light.  The number of years since the fall of the empire has long been forgotten. The races of Sola have built new cities, but these pale in comparison to the ruined cities, many of which are surrounded with malevolent energy and are breeding grounds for vile creatures.

The strong wind currents are why there are many stretches of uninhabited land, The Winderland.  The wind there blows too strong for the land to yield crops and for homes to stand. 


Civilization exists in isolated pockets where the winds are more gentle.  In between these points of civilization are long stretches of dangerous terrain.  Very few have the means, knowledge, or strength to travel beyond the lands of their birth. 

Towns and villages rely on caravans, adventurers, and "travelers" for news, interesting goods, and a connection to the greater world around them.  Naturally, these outsiders are met with great interest, but also with great suspicion.  Anyone who could survive the murderous territory is a force to be reckoned with.

While there are cities with lords who protect their subjects and their property, there isn't a greater power or presence of a High King or an empire to create a society of law and order.  Might is most often the rule of law.  Villages, towns, and cities are often taken by lawless men or ravaged by creatures looking for meat.


Most villages have a shrine or two to the various gods (standard D&D pantheon).  Sometimes there may actually be a temple with a priest who tends the flock.  Religous practice varies a great deal from region to region.

The Ruins

Ruins litter Sola.  These are the remnants of a once glorious empire.  Inside are these abandoned cities now infested with wild and savage creatures are the ancient secrets, tools, treasure, and weapons waiting to be claimed. 


Unsettled territory dominates the landscape of Sola.  Beasts and monstrous humanoids run amok. 

The wind tends to blow strong in the wildlands and there are many storms that can tear down all but the most sturdy structures.   


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