The Black Forest

The northern border of Rasmark is The Black Forest.  It is a haunted wood or so they say.  Most of the farmsteads lay a good distance from the forest edge.  The tree growth is dense, leaving the forest floor fairly clean of plant life as it is quite dark in the wood at all times of the day.  Most folk are uneasy about entering too far into The Black Forest, but some do to hunt the elk roaming the woods.

Known Locations in The Woods

The following is a brief listing of the places and personalities in the forests that the party has encountered. 

Abandoned Air Dock

According to Nigel Hawthorne, the first ruin site the party cleared was once a place where the flying craft of an ancient Eladrin empire docked.  It had been buried through a millenia of disuse.  When first encountered, the entrance had been excavated by Goblins. 

The Deranged Hermit

About an hour into the forest, north of the Compson farm, lives a hermit.  His home is a crude wood hut built raised off the forest floor.  He has a peculiar accent, an affinity for squirrels, and a curiousity for meat based food items.  He knows many things about the forest.  It would seem the squirrels are his eyes and ears in the wood.

Ruins of Nobu Keep

The Goblins have been drawn to The Black Forest by a warlord gathering an army.  This warlord is using the catacombs of an old keep as his stronghold.

Within the catacombs is a star chart inlaid in the ground. It appears to be a construct with hundreds of moving parts. At each of the 90 degree marks is a pair of recessed shapes. It appears as if certain objects are meant to be placed into those shapes and somehow activate the star chart. 

When Federin placed the two ivory statuettes depicting air he felt a very low vibration. Not enough to activate anything, but enough to let him know the statuettes changed something.


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The Black Forest

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