The Last Empire

There are large gaps in history. Centuries of knowledge seem to have vanished from libraries and from the knowledge of the people of Sola. There are fragments of memory, echoes of rememberance, but nothing concrete in the light of day. Obviously a great cataclysm occured to throw Sola into ruin. While none were around to know a time when Sola was not ravaged by wind, the old stories, the tales passed down from generations make no mention of such a land as it currently exists.

While the last known Empire is the Eladrin Empire brought into power by Fuhrer Ultenna, it was a short lived reign. The Eladrin Empire made great advances in the fields of arcane art and engineering science. However, it could not spare them nor Sola from ruin.

It is felt another power came to be shortly after Fuhrer Ultenna passed and her first heir assumed the throne. This is where history disappears and text vanishes. There seems no surviving record of what happened to Sola after the fall of the Eladrin Empire. This power that hides from memory is a faceless evil that still looms over the land. How else can one explain Sola in its tortured condition?

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The Last Empire

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