The Sola Mark and The Feywild Masters

When you met with Ruta Skadi, she spoke to you about the mark and the Feywild Masters. This is the information she gave you.

The Sola Mark

Each generation, Sola chooses thirteen children to end the Millennium Storm that has imprisoned the land. This selection is indicated by a mark on the skin. The Sola Mark depicts a sun with thirteen points. The appearance of the mark varies from bearer to bearer. For some it looks like a tattoo. For others it looks more like a birthmark. What they do share in common other than the base thirteen pointed sun shape is that all of the marks glow faintly in the dark.

It is said that when the light of Sola shines bright above the storm, the clouds will part and the prison of wind will diminish. That is the prophesy that brings the chosen together. It seems the fates of the chosen are intertwined, as the chosen of each generation have been drawn together.

Thirteen generations ago, the first group of Sola’s chosen attempted to defeat the Master of Storms in the Feywild. The journey was almost completed, freedom almost at hand, but there was betrayal and the chosen failed. Each subsequent generation failed, and failed sooner and more completely than the previous generation. Generation Twelve lasted only one fortnight after setting out on their quest before being hunted down and eliminated.

The Sola Mark is a symbol of hope and life for those who recognize it. It is also a mark of death. The Feywild Masters will want nothing but to see the chosen destroyed and they will be relentless in their search.

The Millennium Storm

A thousand years ago, after the fall of the White Empire of the Eladrin of Aeristhyde, a storm covered most of Sola. The fierce winds destroyed many kingdoms and cities. Much of the written knowledge before the collapse of the last empire is likely buried in the cities and libraries toppled by the storms. Records of how the storm rose, how quickly it spread, what it destroyed, is scarce.

Many of these ancient records were left behind. The storm drove the people of Sola to find safe havens where the storms did not reach. In these pockets of land they live surrounded by a storm. Still, one would have expected some records to survive, but virtually none exist. It leads many to believe those records were sought and excised, a reasonable assumption considering the Aeristhyde Empire tightly regulated the exchange of technological information during its reign. With Sola in disarray, the Elardrin in the Feywild simply continued the practice that their failed mortal world counterparts had set in place.

Few people have the strength to travel through these storms. Most of them are trapped in the land of their birth, never being able to see and experience the greater world around them, because there is no greater world. All that exist are isolated pockets of land where survive as best they can within the means afforded by their havens. Some havens are more fortunate than others, blessed with larger expanses of farmable land, or more abundant hunting grounds.

The Millennium Storm has created a dark age of Sola. The people stagnate, cut off from each other, unable to exchange ideas or create new thoughts or expressions without having new experiences to stimulate creative thought. Havens have very limited resources, where conservation, proven methods, and survivability have shaped custom for centuries.

These havens are prisons for the people of Sola, who are captives of the storm unleashed by The Feywild Masters.

The Feywild Masters

The Feywild Masters are powerful beings, archfey, godlike avatars of their chosen aspect of nature. There are hundreds of masters in the Feywild ranging from spirits of massive mountains, animal incarnations such as the Wolf Lord, legends such as the Master of the Hunt, and our oppressors led by Lord Berion of Azterlaya, the Master of Storms, an Eladrin.

Prior to the Millennium Storm, the Feywild virtually ignored the mortal world. Individuals would cross between realms, but these were largely personal and local in nature. When Lord Berion dropped the storm on Sola, it marked a change, no more was the Feywild merely an echo of the mortal world. The mortal world was now subservient to the Feywild.

Normally, the power to affect the mortal world in such a way is far beyond the power of a Feywild Master. In general, the other Masters do not have such extensive control over the aspect of nature they are attuned with, and certainly nowhere near the scope of being able to control an entire continent in such a way. Such power is usually the domain of a god or that of a primordial spirit, both of which seem unlikely to do such a thing. The gods are deep in slumber and the whims of the primordial spirits too fickle to maintain this effort for a thousand years. Lord Berion should not have this power, yet he does and has held it for almost a thousand years. He also has the ear and allegiance of many of the other Masters of the Feywild.

Ruta Skadi’s Promise

The task of defeating the Feywild Masters is an impossible journey and yet it’s your only chance of survival. Lord Berion and the other masters will seek you out before you become a problem for them. Previous generation of Skadi laid carful plans for the chosen under their watch, but all failed in the end. I will help you as best as I can, but I will break from my Skadi ancestors and have you direct your own fate. My ancestors have failed the chosen for twelve generations and I will not fail you by having you follow me. I will help in whatever way I can, but on the path you choose to win your own freedom. I have faith in this course of action. Sola chose you to end the storm.

The Sola Mark and The Feywild Masters

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