The Architect of Ruins

Advance on the Mining Brigade


The avatars decide to first deal with the mining brigade instead of helping the villagers of the shore town stop the rampaging giants from taking over their village. Eladrin arcanists conjured a sand storm to slow the avatars down and provide cover for their assassins who had the northern avatars on the brink of defeat.


While I love 4e tactical combat and how interesting it can be, it has only one speed, slow and methodical. The first fight in the sandstorm, I think definitely should be the standard 4e tactical fight. The second one, I think could have benefited from a different fight speed. For pacing, it should have been quick and it wasn’t, especially since you’d seen the bad luck trio already.

I’m going to try implementing a second combat speed (still figuring out the details of the resolution mechanic, but have a pretty good idea). Otherwise, the Siege of Urza Major will take forever. Usually this type of combat involves you describing what you’re doing to gain an advantage in the fight and what the intended effect of this action would be. It’s less focused on squares, powers, and hit points.



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