The Architect of Ruins

Coalition Formed


Build Coalition, completed (+4XT)

That was a fun way to finish the quest to build a coalition. I should make lists of inn names and stuff like that to use when improvising, since there was some minor confusion without them. You never did go after Quarion, but it worked out anyway finding things out the way you did. Anyway, none of that find the assassins stuff was intended. When Avier decided to check up on something Lady Carana said in passing, I just felt like making that one streetwise check more interesting. On the other hand it gave you more of an idea about what was going on with the assassins.

Splitting the party is sometimes a good thing when you’ve got a reason to do it. The mantra should be more, don’t wander off for no good reason, but it doesn’t sound as good as never split the party. Anyway, Abel and Xan splintering off got you for-sure that Flaeorn Marnon was who wanted to off you guys and that he wanted Laeru Spiremrul killed instead, though you never found out why. Given Flaeorn’s personality, when caught, he’d probably enjoy the game is up mode – he’d still be confident that you’d need him regardless. The important thing was preventing the old curmudgeon from being whacked. It kept Flaeorn in check during the Assembly of Summer Court Lords, which is what you really need the old curmudgeon for. All-in-all you guys did pretty good. When we get back to the southern avatars, I’m imagining you and Dancing Pete are advance demolitions in winterkin lands.

Mike C, good job with Abel injecting the character’s opinion into things when he saw it conflicted with his view. A little bit here and there goes a long way to make things enjoyable for me.


You guys have 6XT.

One thing I was toying with, because I do want these things more collaborative, is to sometimes let you make up a detail when you get a kick-ass check.

I kind of rushed into the shoreline battle. You’ll get a better picture as to what’s going on next time.


The shoreline battle was fun… a good way to reacquaint ourselves with the Northern party while introducing the Warlock. I liked the heavy roleplaying, but it certainly got me itching for a nice level+0 slaughter :)

Since we skipped the actual roleplaying of the freeing of Hua’janaisiba, we should probably know why his impression is that we’ll destroy the world as opposed to save it and any other tidbits he has to pass along. Have you given thought as to where he sits in terms of minor deity/primal spirit vs. mortal with phasing and cool knock-unconscious power vs. somewhere in-between? Is there a way that Mesa can call upon him?

Coalition Formed

-There are some interesting things Hua’janaisiba might reveal.
-I’ve always thought he was a primal spirit.

Coalition Formed

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