The Architect of Ruins

Negotiation with Calennon


-19 Days, Afternoon

The avatars take the river to Shinaelestra, though not without some resistance by the forest, which split the river into three to divert them away, and a water elemental that pounced out of the water. They made camp and met Abel Storm, the dragonborn avatar of Sola.

-18 Days, Pre-Dawn

After traveling on foot during the night with the benefit of a Dark Light ritual, the party reaches the outskirts of the fading city. During the night, Xan began to remember bits of a former life, where he was once an elf of Ihniko. He remembers the night of the Aeristhyde bombing of Ihniko where he convinced Prince Urikengan to go against the advice of his wizard, Sorrel, and allow the being Acererak to provide a means for the Ihniko to escape the extermination. Once the bargain was struck, the Shinaelestra world-fell into the mortal forest of Ihniko. The elves escaped to Shinaelestra in the feywild. Since that night, the cities merge from midnight to dawn.

Xan feels his mark change slightly. He is also able to glow, providing illumination equal to a sunrod.

-18 Days, Morning

Abel calls out to the elves in the forest, which gives the party permission to approach. The elven scouts welcome them, eventually, and take them on a tour of the ruined city. Within it, several hundred elves train and it is evident to the avatars that in an alliance, they are best used as an elite mobile unit.

They are taken to King Calennon, where they speak to him about forming an alliance. The Ihniko have paid a heavy price every time they join forces with the avatars. Judging from history, Calennon believes he will only be able to help the avatars one more time before his people become no more. He wants proof that the thirteenth generation can win, so that he doesn’t not order the extinction of his own people.

He also discusses the archfey, The Urscumug, that prevents the Ihniko from returning home. Without a homeland, an alliance with the avatars would only have a foundation based on ideals such as justice, freedom, and a return to the natural order, which Calennon expresses are only words when one has no homeland to fight for.


You’ll reach 16th level soon. In the spirit of 4e, the Avatar of the Winter Sun will receive errata. When we reach 16th level the Winter Sun power will be:

Whenever you reach a milestone and have used all of your daily attack powers from your class(es), you may regain the use of one daily attack power from your class. Each daily attack power can be used one additional time until your next extended rest.



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