The Architect of Ruins

Nightmare's End


The avatars who had set from the southern lands of Sola entered the nightmare of Prince Urikengan, who was the last of the noble line of Ihniko. His mind poisoned with rage twisted the forest he thought he was protecting. He held on until his people could return and rebuild Ihniko, yet this same strength of spirit was the very thing preventing that homecoming. A cruel twist of the pact made a thousand years ago with the elder being Acererak.

Avier called a thirsting maw to consume the prince turned wraith. It is fitting that a pact power ended the nightmare. However, a shard of that rage found a home in Chronik’s blade, amplifying the desire to see the end of what his own race has done.

All around them traces of the nightmare faded away and the spirit of the forest began to heal. Sorrel led them to this spirit before fading away. She suggested finding the Lord of Drakes to give their elven strikeforce the ability to fight the warships of the winter court.


These are some of the quests threads that have been brought up during the course of the game.

Quest: End the Nightmare—Completed (+4 XP)

It took a few campaigns for the forest to be freed, but I’m glad Urikengan’s Nightmare finally ended and the raging Urscumug put to rest.

Quest: Get Drakes

Seek out the Lord of Drakes to gain air support for the war.

Quest: Gain Allegiance of the Exiled Ihniko

The Ihniko are an elite mobile force that would be an asset to any uprising against the winter court.

Quest: Convince the Summer Court to Fight

The summer court of feywild eladrin are weighing their options. Side with the winter court and minimize their losses of life and power or risk everything and fight with the avatars to break the tyranny of the winter court.

Quest: Save Urza Major

Urza Major is the last of the free lands on Sola. Should the city fall, so would the spirit of Sola and the avatar cycle will be broken without ending the storm.


Just to clarify, we’re still with the L16 Southern Avatars for this Sunday with a little bit of figuring out/gathering info on what’s happening with the Northern Avatars.

Nightmare's End

I’m still playing with L17 Mesa, so I’m glad to have another session or two in which to get him ready. The impending rules change about implements has finally allowed me to build Mesa the way I envisioned him since concept!

Nightmare's End

What was the implement rule change? I can’t remember.

Nightmare's End

They talked about some of the upcoming changes (which we should see officially in the upcoming errata) in an article. You can now use any implement type that you know for any of your implement powers. So in Mesa’s case, he’ll be multiclassing and thus no longer stuck with just Totems for implements.

Nightmare's End

Actually they just posted it “officially” today:

Still digesting it.

Nightmare's End

Good news: I’m now proficient in rapier, so +1 damage (d8 vs d6) with Eldritch Strike. Bad news: I do 2 less damage with all of my implement powers. You win some, you lose some.

I assume Warlock’s Curse and Ranger’s Quarry will get the same upgrade (serious upgrade!) that Rogue’s Sneak attack received, but it’s not in the document from today. Oh well.

Nightmare's End


My warlord has a new best friend! It’s cool that warlords and bards can now swing more of their strikers around.

Nightmare's End

and Shamans, especially if the Northern Avatar Halfling is going to be a rogue.

Nightmare's End

ummm… how is once a turn an upgrade from once a round? isn’t it the same? also how do warlords get better?

Nightmare's End

because each creature has a turn within a round so if he can get off turn attacks he can use it more than once per round

Nightmare's End

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