The Architect of Ruins

Telmeric, finally: the last entry from the 1st journal of Rhaan

 Early Winter:

We headed for telmeric and our rendevous with Gazal. We arrived in the evening and stabled our "steeds" in a near by hamlet and headed for Telmeric. Telmeric is a big city… I've never seen a settlement so big before. When we entered the main gate We informed one of the guards that we were requesting an audiance with Gazal. The guards escorted us through the still busseling city to Gazal's family estate. I wonder how living in what i assume is splendor effects one's out look on life.  Gazal suggested another location for us to talk and informed us she was being watched and that now we would probably be watched too. We told Gazal all the information we could about the alexandria core, and the events that transpired after she had left us in Airdock. We bid goodnight to Gazal and head back to the inn near the stables were our drakes were. On our way home someone attacked Naryl he was cloaked and i couldn't see what he looked like. We gave chase but couldn't catach up with him since we really didn't know the city lay out so well. After we abandoned our pursuit we once again headed for the inn and got a good nights rest.

Personal entry: I find myself feeling uneasy as of late. The forest's destruction around Monsertat has me thinking in ways that are some what morbid. So often our belifs center themselves around life and nature and it's protection… but Death is just as much a part of life and nature. I must return home get a new journal and discuss these turn of events with my elders and the elves who took me in as a blood cousin and taught me their ways. I need guidence.

  The next day: we went back into telmeric to explore the city and hopefully find answers to who attacked us. While in the city we heard rumors of gnolls gathering to the north of Telmeric and attack citizens of the city. We hoped on our drakes and flew off to investigate. Sure enough the vile creatures had surrounded a group of people and were about to attack when we swooped in dispatched them with ease. 


(feel free to edit some of the content as you see fit… i'm fucking terrible at proof reading)




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