To make things easy, days, years, months in Sola are just like the what we use. The names of the days and months in Sola are what they would be in Icelandic. Any of the funky letters from Icelandic were made American. In game you really don't have to remember that Briajudagur is a Tuesday. Your character would call it Briajudagur, but you don't have to (bonus points if you do).

Icelandic is one of the base languages I'm using in the campaign to come up with names of places and things. 

The Common days of the week in Sola:

  • Sunnudagur (Sunday)
  • Manudagur (Monday)
  • Briajudagur (Tuesday)
  • Miavikudagur (Wednesday)
  • Fimmtudagur (Thursday)
  • Fostudagur (Friday)
  • Laugardagur (Saturday)

The Common names of the months in Sola: 

  • Januar
  • Februar
  • Mars
  • April
  • Ma
  • Juni
  • Juli
  • Agust
  • September
  • Oktober
  • November
  • Desember

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