“I remember when wind did not imprison Sola, a time when Elves and Eladrin were the same people, when they nurtured the land and welcomed man into their kingdom, but they have lost their way, divided and conquered by anger, hate, and perpetuate suffering. I remember being responsible for this.” – Adiah, a Deva Invoker

“Deva make odd drinking buddies. Things from another time start popping in their heads. It’s not the incoherent gibberish of a drunken Gnome, but it’s way out there strange talk that makes sense somehow, which makes it a bit spooky.” – Danal, a Halfling traveler

“Deva speak the ultimate language, the language of honor.” – Donaar, Scion of Arkhosia

There is no land or kingdom of Deva on Sola. As with many of the elder races, the Deva are in the twilight of their time in the world which is increasingly becoming the world of man. Deva live among Humans and Elves for the most part.

Many people on Sola have never seen a Deva for they are rare.


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