The Schism and The Return Home

The Return Home

Several ages ago, elves were the only “people” living in Sola. When the elves first learned that they would share Sola with the children of gods, they took it upon themselves to begin The Return Home. The Return Home was a call to elves to return to the feywild and return Sola to man and his cousins. It was the realm of the gods and the children of gods were its rightful caretakers.

The Schism

Before the arrival of humans, when Sola was still a wild place, the elves were free to do as they wish and live their lives as a celebration of nature. It was normal for an elf to have a dozen or more brothers and sisters. The world was vast and fresh. In turn these children too would have a dozen or more offspring, as was the custom in the eternal feywild from which the elves came from. In those days, Sola was as vast and abundant as the feywild with room for all elf kind to enjoy the new realm of the gods. When the gods created new children and placed them in the world, the elves understood that Sola was not their realm. They were visitors, caretakers, of this land created by the gods. It was their duty to guide the gods children toward their inheritance of this unique place amongst the cosmos.

The new races flourished on Sola, in particular, the race of humans. Of all the races to follow, they above all were given a collection of gifts that allowed them to survive and grow in any environment. They possessed an ambition to not just survive, but redefine their environment to best suit them. It wasn’t just a task they performed, but the very core of their nature. They had to ability to reshape what the gods created. Ironically, they were initially the least equipped of any of the races. Was it not for elven intervention, humanity would have become extinct as the tiefling and dragonborn fought over who would claim Sola as their realm.

Seeing the success of the human race, many elf scholars considered them their true successors, the new caretakers of Sola. The first Lord of Elves, King Eladrin began the stewardship of humanity and a call for The Return Home, to shape humans to be the benevolent caretakers of Sola so that the elves could leave Sola better than when they first stepped out of the feywild.

This caused a schism among the elf people. Many agreed with their king, that they should return to the feywild. However, many did not agree with their king. Elves too were children of gods. They are the older brothers to the other races of light. How could they abandon the others to fend for themselves and perhaps die when the elves could help them and protect them from the darkness, from the children of Yeenoghu, the gnolls. Those who sided with the king, returned home and called themselves The Eladrin.

After the schism, the elves who remained on Sola understood that they needed to make room for their fellow man. They chose forests to dwell in that would be nearby man. And they began the practice of limiting themselves to only six children so as not to strain the environment around them. In modern practice, elves typically have much fewer children than they did in ages past, often bearing only two children to maintain the population.

The Schism and The Return Home

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