The Architect of Ruins

“Our wind that embraces Sola has kept each land in its ordered place far better than any high emperor or king. For several generations now the low races have lived without war, in peace, a freedom that we’ve bestowed.” -Lord Berion of Azterlaya, Master of the Feywild

After the fall of the Aeristhyde Empire, a storm descended upon Sola which has not relented in one thousand years. Within the millennium storm are havens, pockets of land sheltered from the wind, where the Races of Light live in their farms, villages, and cities, surrounded by the storm.

These storms make it impossible for all but the strongest travelers to leave their havens and brave the wilderness. This wilderness is the graveyard of a time long gone and it has many secrets to unearth.

Part One: A Tree Falls in the Forest

A group sets out from Rasmark into The Black Forest and finds the ruined city of Ihniko, which was destroyed in the War of the Three Forests. The patrol from Rasmark prevents the shadowfell from permanently world merging with the forest and weakens the barrier surrounding the heart of darkness which is key.

Part Two: The Journey of Thirteen

Every generation, Sola delivers an avatar who is prophesied to end the thousand year storm unleashed by The Feywild Masters. Sola’s avatar bears a mark in its skin so that when the day comes that all things are in place, the avatar will be recognized and end the storm.

In the northern lands of Sola is the village of Nibelheim. Thirteen of the youth bear Sola’s mark. They have the power to change this land. However, they are marked for death by The Masters in the Feywild. The only way they can live free from pursuit is to take the fight to The Masters and end the storm. Will the true avatar make it to the end and will they free Sola from the storm?

Map of Sola

The Architect of Ruins

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